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Blackcaco Records

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Label: Blackcaco

Location: Dominican Republic, Montreal, Canada

Artists: B.O.C, Groovy, Lokoton, Joe Canda, Sholy

From time back, two young singers and music producers had an idea to form a musical organization that would make up a genre that they had listened to since their youth, and that all along they had admired by its force and its form of arrival to youth (rap).

With effort, with much work and all the experience acquired with the passage of time, they managed to make its dream and they founded their own record label seal which they baptized with the name of ¨Black Caco¨

This name was chosen from its own roots of black race and by the shades of the same music that they have listened to and that today day they make. Originally Blackcaco was formed by Jose Loomi Crow, singer and music producer of the label and an active member and leader of the already well-known group B.O.C, accompanied by Joe Canda, Singer and executive producer of the same label.


The organization is composed of several friends and singers who play key points, such as: Groovy (Singing), the Lokoton (Singing), the Sholy (Singing), among others. Not according to simply making songs of the rap genre, Blackcaco it is sent on a new venture, to fuse its own culture with the genre and to give to a new point of view to this music creating hip hop, house and merengue-house Latin of one more of a universeal form, and that we can all understand without being concerned of neither race nor country, for that reason, only the union creates that force.




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