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Luna Empire Records

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Label: The Luna Empire

Location: Florida


Once every generation, comes an artist that has it all. Producers, street team, professional studio, ambition, and last but not least, the talent it takes to become a superstar.

Hip-hop has evolved into a bicoastal and multicultural movement. It has opened the doors to an arena for all those who love the music. The Luna Empire is a personification of all these traits. Peedo the Empire’s first and only emcee, brings forth a lyrical force only portrayed by the elite emcees in the industry.

This Dominican, Bronx, New York native possesses the talent and the perfect team of producers. Gato, head producer of the Luna Empire, has been putting work into the hip-hop community for years. He evolved from mix tape and party DJ to arguably the best producer in Miami. Together they established their own studio and were able to have every underground hip-hop station in Miami playing their music. Peedo gained his respect as an emcee years ago when he entered a Tony Touch freestyle competition, which consisted of 42 rappers. When the smoke cleared, Peedo was the only one standing victorious. He continued his onslaught for respect by battling rappers on the street and constantly dropping songs on the underground radio stations (Mixx 96.1, Blaze 104.7, WVUM 90.5, FIU’s 88.9, and WEDR 99.1 aka 99 Jamz).

In 1996, Fat Joe, who met Peedo on the notorious DJ Khaled Show on Mixx 96, gave Peedo the opportunity to showcase his talents on a forever classic freestyle featuring Big Pun, Fat Joe, Cuban Linx, Tony Touch and of course, Peedo. Realizing how much talent he truly possesses, alongside Gato, they began their extensive, and relentless pursuit to achieve mainstream success.

The Luna Empire recently released their first EP on their independently owned record label Luna Empire Entertainment. Now in 2003, Peedo and Gato have been able to record a song with a living legend KRS One in which appeared on his previous album “The Kristyle.” Also, in 2003 Peedo and The Luna Empire were featured in the high rated show “The Roof” on Mun2.  Currently, The Luna Empire is filming their first video in New York and Miami.




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