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Too Savvy Entertainment

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Label: Too Savvy

Artists: Laura Diamante

Clients: female artists only

Location: Miami, Florida

Too Savvy Entertainment, Inc. is a all-female run music management company based out of Miami, FL. The company was originated in September of 2001. We are currently in the process of establishing the company as an independent record label through our efforts to manage and promote our artist, Laura Diamante. The co-founders of this company have made it possible to initiate the development of Laura Diamante's project through the financial investment they have contributed to the company.

Too Savvy Entertainment has proficiently developed business strategies to successfully manage, market, and coordinate the production of Laura Diamante's album. The company has skillfully directed the production of this project by assembling an array of producers, engineers, featured artists, and art designers. The company has made it possible to create Laura Diamante's demo by overseeing the recording process in its entirety.

Too Savvy Entertainment has embarked on a grassroots endeavor to generate a buzz for Laura Diamante within the following target markets: hip-hop, r 'n b, and Latin. The primary company goal is to exploit our artist's talent by acquiring the adequate funds to complete and distribute the full album and gain maximum publicity and exposure for our artist.

Presently, we are focusing on representing hip-hop and r 'n b artists. The company looks forward to expanding within itself, as well as nationally, in order to represent different genres of music. Upon expansion, Too Savvy Entertainment will diversify into other areas of entertainment such as fashion, film, and television.

Our mission is to revolutionize the world of music and art so that it provides people with the opportunity to enrich their souls, educate themselves about their culture, and aid them in developing their God given talents.




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