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Contraband Records

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Label: Contraband Records

Artists: Reazn

Location: Los Angeles, California


We are committed to bringing quality music to the game. We strive to bring our listeners the best in Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B in both English and Spanish. With the most talented, hard working team of Producers & Emcees, Contraband Records is a fully operational music label and studio facility at the forefront of the Latin hip-hop movement, though we are not limited to it.

The name contraband was adopted to reflect a perspective on our music. As an independent label, we are in a sense the contraband of the music business. Because of the dominance in the marketplace by major record labels, we are forced to deal outside the mainstream markets.

However, this is not the only reason for the name. To some people rap music is a contradiction. It is not considered an artwork simply because it's content is too real or controversial. Some would argue that it should be outlawed because of the message it delivers. The truth is this music is intended to raise awareness and consciousness. It presents various perspectives about the street life in order to shed light and bring attention to the human condition.


We do not wish to promote drug use, sexual misconduct or violence of any sort. However, our music does not avoid the subject because it is a reality that plagues our society at all socioeconomic levels-- from the street corner to the White House. Contraband Records and its members choose to use hip hop music as the vehicle to connect with those that understand the contradiction, alienation, injustices and inequalities that affect our neighborhoods.





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