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Lo Correcto Records

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Label: Lo Correcto

Location: Dominican Republic

Artists: Junta de Vecinos, Experiencia, DJ Scuff, Nukleo Salomon, Beethoven Villaman, Sin Fin, La Facultad


The "Cooperativa Empresarial Lo Correcto" is an association of people who have been voluntarily united to face their common necessities and artistic aspirations; both cultural and social through a solid company with a democratic direction. "Lo Correcto" has a fundamental example to the hip-hop culture and a way to their expressions and musical products.

It was born from the initiative of the first founder of the "Campamento Revolucionario" Nukleo Salomón , that was when record companies and professional management where only interested in Merengue and denied hip-hop in the Dominican Republic.


Our products count on the approval of the lovers of the hip-hop culture and the public in general. We have decided to show our products, turning Dominican Republic not only a country of baseball players, rum drinkers, mulatos, bachatas and meringues lovers, but also the root of actions and Post-modernist thoughts applicable to our reality of a third-world country.  We are always open to any proposal related to our area of businesses. Lo Correcto has a date of foundation which was the 31 of December of 1998.

To contact any of the groups in LO CORRECTO, call Tony Hasbun in
the Dominican Republic

In New York contact Rob Gonzalez






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