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Dragon Mob

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Label: Dragon Mob

Location: Los Angeles

Artists: Loyalty & Honor (Sarkastik & Drastik)


Loyalty and Honor (“LNH”) is a Latin Hip-Hop group consisting of twin brothers Richard AKA Sarkastik and George AKA Drastik who write the Rap Lyrics. J-vibe composes the music, vocal sung lyrics and arrangements, and produces the music.

LNH is best classified in what we call “World Coast Hip-Hop.” Our artistic direction is that of larger world-known artists built on quality and innovation, not hype, gimmicks or short-lived schemes. We don’t use samples and every song we do is 100% original. Our direction is of embracing many cultures into our tracks. The sound of Mexico, Latin America, India, Asia, Europe, etc; is mixed-in with our Chicano culture. We are not into closed-minded or overly proud ideologies. Our goal is to maintain our identity, have a dedicated fan base and make enough money to keep doing this for as long as we could.


We desire to establish a long-life catalog through the influencing of new rappers and providing songs that are memorable, unique and affecting emotion. Our influence will be the “do not be afraid to think outside the box.” We will retain a specific style that identifies who we are to everyone that hears our productions. At the same time, we want to demonstrate to the rap community that being open-minded is a necessity to be competitive and marketable at a global level (not just in your community).


Thus, the title of our new album “World Coast”. LNH can rap in English and Spanish which helps expand their fan base. Having a global minded perspective has allowed us to have close musician/rapper friends that are from Russia, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, India, Japan, England and others are able to contribute to our productions. Being pioneers in our sound can enable us to mark history in World Coast Hip-Hop.

The hurdle is change and people in general are resistant to it. Like many other styles of music, Hip-Hop can be an unforgiving market. Being of Latin decent and rapping many of our tracks in Spanish; our closest market is the
Latino, Chicano and Regional Urbano. Chicano rap focuses on Latin pride and the strong inter-twined relations between Chicano pride, struggle, gangs, violence, drug, sex and hanging out.


Regional Urbano concentrates mostly on the more recent immigrants, alcohol, Mexican pride, struggle, machismo. Our music is not one or the other, but Latin and World style. This blurs the lines created by both sides. Our music includes influences derived from Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, Classical, Punjabi (India), Cumbia (Columbia), Grupero (70s Mexico), Soundtracks and Rock. The music itself would open hearts of people that can’t understand the lyrics. One goal is to translate all our lyrics into many languages and have them available on the website for everyone.





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