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Big Dreamers Inc

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Label: Big Dreamers, Inc

Artists: Theory, Sucre, DJ Miner, Drak

Location: Miami, Florida

Known throughout the streets of Miami emerges the reputable indie hip hop label Big Dreamers,Inc. Miami's premier label was founded by Daniel 'Maximo' Aguilar, in 1997. Maximo, the Cuban/American Miami born, started studying music and the Saxophone in 1991. Later to become a jazz musician as a profession, this new-found musical obsession, Maximo decided to create a new challenge for himself, start his own hip hop record label. Since the birth of this camp, Maximo has teamed up with the current President of A&R, Sergio 'the Guss' Rodriguez. After multiple talent auditions and interviews, Big Dreamers has now assembled the most intimidating and elite artist roster in hip hop today.

First to enter the camp was Sucre, the Dominican native who possesses a raspy style to go along with his grimy demeanor. As of 2001, Theory has joined the crew and brought with him a succeed or suffer mentality. Along with Theory came Big Dreamers' official deejay Miner, who enhances the squad with his notoriety and stage presence. The camp's latest acquisition Drak, with his eccentric rhyming style, was the perfect addition to the camp.


As of late, Big Dreamers, Inc. has released a series of mixtapes, along with Theory's sampler, hosted by DJ Khaled. Most recent has been the distribution of Theory's 'Respect Comes First,' a compilation of 22 original unreleased tracks produced solely by Maximo. Big Dreamers only goal is to independently enter the industry and impose their artistic talent, one day leaving behind their own legacy.




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