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Project Affiliated

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Label: Project Affiliated / 2SIK musik

Artists: Ange aka Skarface, D.J. MT, Gezus, 12/19, Brotha Zo, Rudy Mesta, Mr. Chico 1, Reny Rene, Variouz, Rhyme Smuggla D, and Jabber Jawz

Location: Tracy, Califas / Central Valley

Hailing from the projects of Tracy, California—the central valley—Project Affiliated has humble beginnings. Composed of eleven members including: Ange aka Skarface, D.J. MT, Gezus, 12/19, Brotha Zo, Rudy Mesta, Mr. Chico 1, Reny Rene, Variouz, Rhyme Smuggla D, and Jabber Jawz.

In the Summer of 2004 Project Affiliated member, Ange aka Skarface, will release his nation-wide solo debut: “The Ruff And Crazy Years.” No stranger to this rap game—with over 10 years in the game and over 30 compilations under his belt—Ange aka Skarface is a pioneer in the California’s Latino rap game. In 1996, he made his nationwide debut under the alias "Angel" with "3 Verses of Funk" on Sunset Blvd./Explicit Entertainment's "From the Barrio with Love," a nationally distributed project, which was the first to recognize and feature Latino artists from Northern and Southern California. After being featured on countless compilations Ange decided to make a dent in the music industry.

Bringing together member from his own barrio he created Project Affiliated. Choosing to focus on his independent label first, Ange released: Project Affiliated-“2SIK” as well as a compilation titled "Apocalypse Brown Vol.2" and Brotha Zo-"Da Exodus." Staying active, Ange aka Skarface has appeared on numerous projects such as the "Down Time Soundtrack," Hogg Life's "Northern Warriorz," and "Central Valley Badboyzz vol.2." Being in the background for too long his much-anticipated album: “The Ruff And Crazy Years,” is due to hit the streets this summer. Currently Ange is building up to the release of his album and has recorded two mixtapes: The Best Of….Skarface aka Ange: Hosted By Tony Montana and Ange aka Skarface-“Striking Thru Your Hood, Bitch!,” which will be hitting the streets late spring and early summer With a style unlike any other in the industry, Ange aka Skarface-“The Ruff And Crazy Years,” is sure to be a clasSIK!

Project Affiliated has constantly been featured on such underground classics as: D.J. MT-“1 bullet 4 U” (dogday records) & “Brown, Sick and Wicked” (darkroom familia/explict); Minority Militia: Criminal Network (dogday); Minority Militia 2: the Peoples Army (dogday); Darkroom Familia: “Penitentiary Chances” (darkroom/dogday); “Veteranos;” “From the Barrio with Love;” “Brown Area: Power N Numbers;”

Lowdown-“Valley of Death;” Ghettoline Prod.’s Northern Ghettoboys; Dogday Record’s “Ghetto 2the Barrio” series v.1-3; more recently: Northern Warriors (hogglife/bayside); Central Valley Bad Boyzz vol.2 (killa valley ent); as well as countless others. Project Affiliated also released three independent albums: Project Affiliated-“2SIK;” “Apocalypse Brown Vol.2;” and Brotha Zo-“Da Exodus,” all of which were released independently with nation-wide distribution.




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