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Label: OTR Entertainment

Location: Omaha Nebraska/Chicago

Artists: Prominence, Xpreshin aka XP, OMC, Full Bred, MOC, and K-2.

Only the real, that is the mindset for all the members of OTR Entertainment based out of Omaha, Nebraska and Chicago, Illinois. The label consists of six artists that vary from hip hop, Spanish hip hop, and Reggaeton. They go by the aliases of Prominence, Xpreshin aka XP, OMC, Full Bred aka Premo, MOC and K2. The artists have a mix and represent various nationalities from African American, Mexican, Cuban, Italian, and Puerto Rican, all having roots from Sacramento, CA to Chicago, IL to New York.

Many see it as odd to hail from Omaha, Nebraska, the biggest city in the Cornhusker State about the size of Kansas City, but reality says that Omaha, Nebraska is a city with up and coming unsigned hype ready for exposure. Out of OTR's artists, only one is actually Omaha born and raised but the belief is that they all got there and got together for a specific reason, to make music and get recognized.

OTR Entertainment is broken into three divisions, OTR Entertainment, which is the main branch in Omaha, NE. headed by Xpreshin aka XP, OTR Chicago headed by Chicago Boricua DJ Junior, which promotes in the windy city, and OTR Afta School, headed by MOC, the younger brother of Xpreshin aka XP, which holds the future talent of OTR Entertainment. The resume stretches for OTR Entertainment, having opened up for The Kumbia Kings, Pitbull, and other various artists. OTR Entertainment currently holds two projects under their wing with Xpreshin and Prominence's "The Commencement" which holds the hit "Noche De Tu Vida" featuring OMC and Full Bred aka Premo, which reached regional radio air play and hip hop bangers like "Middle Fingaz Up" and "Take Em To Church". OMC's project "It Is What It Is" a bilingual mixtape in English and Spanish is currently in rotation locally. Both are now available for sale. Current projects in the works are a solo album by Prominence, a collaborative mixtape project with Xpreshin aka XP and Full Bred, a solo album by Xpreshin aka XP, an OTR Afta School project with MOC and K2, as well as a collaborative mixtape with Rap Game Entertainment, another local label with artists Mike D and Ezay.

With the mindset being said, OTR Entertainment is serious about making an impact with their music. Not your ordinary group of artists that make tracks just to put on myspace, expect to hear from OTR Entertainment in your area real soon!




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