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Sculvia Records

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Label: Sculvia Entertainment

Location: Miami, Florida

Artists: Humberto "Humby" Viana and Crazy T


Founded in 2004 by producer Humberto Viana and rapper Crazy T, Sculvia Entertainment in an independent record label based out of Miami, Florida. Although the company focus is on the urban and Anglo markets, Sculvia maintains deep roots in Latino culture and music.

Humberto “Humby” Viana is a 21 year old Colombian-American producer who has been involved in the music business since he was 17. As a producer, Humby works mainly on Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop music. Although urban music is his true passion, he works hard to not limit his work to one specific sound or genre. Humby’s music is also unique because of how it is created; he uses a computer without any fancy hardware or controllers. Humby is part of a growing number of upcoming producers who create complex-sounding compositions using a simple set-up. He is always willing to challenge his humble Sonar software suite and plugins against ritzy hardware based setups, and is a strong advocate of software-based production. Humby is currently working with several Anglo artists upcoming projects, and you can hear his production on Daddy Yankee’s album “El Cartel: The Big Boss” on the song “Me Quedaria”.

Andrew “Crazy T” Scull, also 21, is a Latino rapper out of Miami-Dade County. Born of two Cuban parents, Crazy T has been rapping since he was a teen and has focused full-time on music since he was 18. Self and publicly proclaimed as “Tongue Daddy”, Crazy T describes himself as a modern-day “guajiro-mack”, but don't mistake his fun-loving nature for a lack of grind. He has previously released two mixtapes, and a third entitled “Hustler’s Paradise” is slated for release this fall. You can also hear Crazy T’s music frequently on South Florida radio; he has been staple on mixshows and club broadcasts for radio stations Power 96 and Mega 94.9 for over two years. T has also performed in front of large audiences at events such as Calle Ocho and the Colombian Festival. To listen to Crazy T’s music and find out more about him, you can visit





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