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Rock Bottom Entertainment

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Label: Rock Bottom Entertainment

Location: Inland Empire, California

Artists: Kaos, Exit, Gorge Burns, Kast One


Rock Bottom Entertainment LLC was co-founded in 2007 by Peter Renova (Exit) and Ramon Ramos (Kaos) the CEO's. These two young entrepreneurs wasted no time getting started and quickly caused a local buzz by appointing David Mergil (Big Strange) as President of their fast growing company. Together the three of them began to build what quickly became the most talked about Independent Record Label in the Inland Empire. Rock Bottom Entertainment is a new breed of chicano rap, Sick Foos with a Sick Flow and a Sound so original you gotta hear it yourself.

With the release of their first album “Open For Business” Rock Bottom has undoubtedly made their mark on southern California’s underground hip hop scene as they have receive great reviews from what has grown into a very diverse fan base. Many are saying that Rock Bottom is already becoming known as power players in the new west coast chicano rap movement and they are confident that 2008 will be a break out year for the young label with plans of releasing not only kAoS & EXiTs second album but also the debut albums of Gorge Burns, & Kast One.


Rock Bottom is sure to climb and stay at the top of the entertainment industry while becoming a household name for years to come. You could be a part of history by supporting everything that Rock Bottom releases and watching these rising stars get to the top of the charts.


The new album "Open For Business" is now available online and in select stores...u could also download the album on iTunes! Keep checking back cause Rock Bottom promises to be a breath of fresh air to the hip hop community while remaining a voice for the streets.





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