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Northern Cholo Records

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Label: Northern Cholo Records

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Artists: MindWrecka Tha Don & Felip C



Northern Cholo Records, Formely Known As Bloodshot Records, began In 2006 and has been successfully growing locally.


Northern Cholo Records movement began, and is still presently working with, current recording artist MindWrecka The Don. The movement is quite simple; MindWrecka has started a new trend that will catch the rap game by storm.


Unlike Chicano rap, or being just classified as a Latin rapper, Northern Cholo Records Peruvian born artist Mindwrecka has now labeled himself as The Godfather of the "Cholo Rap" Movement. Northern Cholo Records focuses on the gully side and reality hip hop, the music speaks for itself.


Here in Canada there aren't many Latin rappers, and the ones that are known in the music business are reggaeton artists, which is why they decided to start a new movement that would impact the world. Mindwrecka Tha Don And The Whole Team At Northern Cholo Records has been on this movement for the past year, trying to establish a successful impact across the world on the streets and online.


With the successful and loyal partnership between Northern Cholo Records and Bang Out Music Productions, we see the Cholo Rap Movement becoming a success worldwide in the near future.





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