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La Republica Presents: The Mixtape [Free Download]
8/13/11 - news / Praver Shapiro press release


La Republica free mixtape download

The Latin Hip Hop movement "La Republica" is proud to present the first mixtape sponsored and distributed by the movement.


"La Republica Presenta: The Mixtape" contains tracks from sixteen of the most important underground Latin Hip Hop artists. The Mixtape is the culmination of La Republica's second competition for young MC's. Out of over 700 tracks received, only sixteen were chosen to appear.

The result was not only a Mixtape that is representative of true Latin Hip Hop, but gathers MC's from Chile (3), Colombia, Ecuador, Spain (2), Mexico, Peru (2), Puerto Rico (2) and Venezuela (3).

"La Republica Presenta: The Mixtape" is available for download in the following links. The first link allows for download of the complete Mixtape. The second is to download the Mixtape track-by-track:

Artists appearing on the compilation include:

  • AIZ 731 (Puerto Rico)

  • Balance Lirical (Venezuela)

  • Dafluz (Chile)

  • Doble Termino (Chile)

  • Don-Y (Ecuador)

  • El Paisa (Perú)

  • G.Babe (Spain)

  • La EmineMCa (Venezuela)

  • Lady Keys (Puerto Rico)

  • Lalo Kalavera (Venezuela)

  • Laura (Spain)

  • Onaci (Dominican Republica)

  • Phat (Dominican Republic)

  • Sky Sapiens (Perú)

  • Traficantantes (Chile)

  • Zona 8 (Colombia)

La Republica website:

La Republica on Twitter:

La Republica on Facebook:     



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