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La Republica Releases Highly-Anticipated "Criminal" Track
8/13/11 - news / Praver Shapiro press release


criminal album by lito mc cassidy

The Latin Hip Hop movement "La Republica" announced the release date for the highly-anticipated collaboration between Dominican rap legends Joa and Lapiz Conciente and Puerto Rican Hip Hop icon Lito MC Cassidy.

The track, titled "Criminal," was released Wednesday, February 23, 2011.

"We are hyped that the track is finally coming out. Its a song on which all three of us worked hard and we did it for the fans. So that Latinamerica and the world can witness the quality of Latin Hip Hop," said Joa.

According to Lito MC Cassidy, it was an honor to collaborate with Joa and Lapiz. "I will always remember that the first Dominican hip hop track to make an impact in Puerto Rico was Joa and Lapiz' 'Calle es Calle'. Now, years later, I am honored to be able to be on the same record as them, who I admire and respect greatly."

The track will be available for free download on "La Republica's" official Facebook page:

"We are bringing good music to all the Dominican, Puerto Rican and Latin people out there. And hopefully the track will be to their liking," concluded Joa.

"Criminal" was produced by Noodles Productions.


Listen to the new track below.  Parental Advisory Warning: The following audio contains explicit lyrics that same people may consider offensive.



Lito MC Cassidy on Twitter:

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