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La Bruja Offers Rare New Year's Show at Nuyorican Poets Cafe

12/30/11 at 8:25 PM EST - news


La Bruja rapper and spoken word poet

Spoken word artist, rapper and activist La Bruja to make her first ever New Year's Eve performance at the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe in New York on December 31, 2011. 


Bruja will perform alongside Grammy-nominated Bobby Sanabria and Quarteto Ache in a night that promises plenty of spoken word, Latin Jazz, Merengue and Salsa performances.


In addition to her success as a rapper and spoken word artist, La Bruja has years of experience with inner-city activism as well as acting.  For the first time ever, Bruja offers fans a New Year's Eve performance.

La Bruja spoke with about her past performances with Bobby Sanabria.  "We've been doing a lot of work at the Apollo, stuff for the Bronx Historical Society, for Edgar Allan Poe," Bruja stated.  The poet and musician explained that they will perform both cover songs and La Bruja original music throughout the evening.


In addition to preparing for the New Year's Eve bash, La Bruja has been involved with a variety of other projects, including her play "Fania."  When asked what the play's name represented, Bruja explained "It's like the era where Celia Cruz and Hector Lavoe emerged," while adding "It's a time piece of what was going on in el barrio, Spanish Harlem."


Other projects the South Bronx artist is involved with includes performances of the "Death of a Dream" play, and a music series titled "Nuyorican Ache" which will explore Africa's musical roots within Nuyorican culture.  Bruja and Sanabria recently offered a Salsa take on the works of poet Edgar Allan Poe, and due to the positive response, the two have considered creating an album in the same vein.


Fans of La Bruja can watch her perform live at the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe on Saturday, December 31, 2011.  Tickets are $30 at the door, $25 in advance, and include a champagne toast at midnight.  Students and Nuyo members pay only $20 at the door with valid ID.  Doors open at 9:00PM, performances start at 10:00PM.


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