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Julio Voltio Biography:


Julio Voltio was born Julio Ramos in Santurce, Puerto Rico and raised in Parque Ecuestre of Carolina. The 28 year old Voltio earned his nickname while working for an electrician and accidentally shocking himself. When 14, Voltio performed with Hector el Father and Rey 29, with the group Masters of Funk.

In 1997 Voltio hooked up with a neighborhood friend and reggaeton artist Karel, they found local success and eventually signed a deal with Pina Records. After three years of not having their album released, the two left the label and moved on to New Records. In 2003 they released an album with acclaim but poor sales due to a lack of adequate marketing. Voltio would eventually sign to White Lion Records, who at the time had major upstart artist Tego Calderon on its roster. Voltio released Voltage A/C to strong sales.


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