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Jiggy Drama Releases "Nerdside" Via iTunes
8/17/11 - news / Azul PR press release


rapper Jiggy Drama

Colombian singer Jiggy Drama, considered the most important rendition of the alternative Urban genre, presents his debut album "Nerdside", that is now available in digital format via iTunes in the United States. Starting this week, Jiggy Drama is featured in the "Descubre & Download" section of the network MTV TR3S in the United States, where his music and history are the main focus of the channel broadcast during the month of August.

Also, his video "La Fuga" is currently one of the most popular and requested in MTV TR3S.

Heartan Lever Criado, birth name of the Colombian artist, has been distinguished with various awards in his country and has won a Premios Nuestra Tierra and chosen in the category 'Best New Artist' in the Shock Awards 2011. He has also been included in the weekly publication 'El ColUSA' in Miami (Florida) in the list of most successful and leading Colombians in the states.

The music and styles of Jiggy Drama has truly become a phenomenon and have transformed him into one of the artists with the most international attention in Colombia. Jiggy has achieved to make thousands of fans dance both in massively attended concerts as well as in nightclubs, where his songs are major hits. So big has been the popularity of the young Colombian singer, that his single "La Fuga" has surpassed the 14 million views on YouTube.

The album 'Nerdside' was executive produced by DJ Sheky and Andres Franco, while Dannt Fornari produced 'El Culpable'. This album was recorded in El Ritmo Records studios in Pereira, Colombia.

Nerdside is an evolutionary album in the career of Jiggy Drama, exploring many fusions and musical instruments played live. It equally highlights Jiggy's Hip-Hop roots creating new atmospheric rhythmic waves- when listening to the CD. You can find Caribbean and urban elements, coupled with the Jiggy's personal style, making Nerdside a perfect option for urban music lovers everywhere.

Jiggy Drama will be in Miami, Los Angeles and New York from the first week of September as part of his first promotional tour in the United States

His song "Que es lo que Quieres", has been in heavy rotation in several radio stations in the United States as have "La Fuga" y "La Flaka", which have transformed Jiggy into an authentic musical contender to follow and discover.

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