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Jehuniko Drops Anticipated Debut "La Pura Vida"
7/21/06 - news



West Coast artist Jehuniko prepares his debut solo record "La Pura Vida" on Kemo The Blaxican's Dead Silence Records. Represented as a a unique mixture of art, music, poetry, and world consciousness. A self described addict of the painted and spoken word, with a background in Freelance journalism, Murals, Graphic Design, fashion design, and Community Volunteer work, Jehuniko is as diverse as he is ecclectic.

Starting in 1993, he began singing in Punk bands, doing Spoken Word Events, which led to a love of performing, sharpened spontaneity, and paid speaking engagements.

In 2001, after a career changing introduction to Latin hip hop original Kemo of Delinquent Habits, Jehuniko began recording and performing in Los Angeles, doing dirt whenever possible to let the world know that he had arrived. 2006 will see the return of a Costa Rican tour which coincides with the release of "la pura vida" Jehuniko's debut solo record on Dead Silence Records with accompanying video for the single, "el animal humano" which was shot in Costa Rica. The future glimmers with positive energy, as the Messenger of Sound brings water to the drought, offering nutrition and a soundtrack for the musical revolution. In the footsteps of the EZLN, Manu Chao, Jim Morrison, Pancho Villa, and Tupac, Jehuniko recognizes the importance of the unification of all people everywhere and empowering Latinos with the Information Revolution.

Upcoming releases include Jehuniko & Ikuestion are "almas intocables" full length project record. "King of distraction" promotional mixtape, serving as a promotional full length CD for Jehuniko's second release "cold in the hot sun" which is tentatively due out in late 2006.

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