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Jehuniko Goes Global with Music Project "La Guerra de la Mente"

2/18/12 at 6:55 AM EST - news


Jehuniko of Los Angeles

Los Angeles rapper Jehuniko has collaborated with music artists from nine different countries to complete a new musical project titled "La Guerra de la Mente."  Music for the album will be made available for free, and uses beats that the artist has collected from various producers over several years. 


The album was almost entirely recorded in Spanish, and represents a unification on wax of artists that the rapper has previously worked with.


Jehuniko described the project's title to, explaining that "La Guerra de la Mente" is an expression he has used for over 15 years as a reference to his personal battles of good versus evil. 


"It's a statement to overcome adversity, and fill my spirit with love," the veteran spoken word artist explains to LatinRapper.  "Hip Hop is so saturated with wackness, yet so much quality is alive," he points out, adding "I thought it would be cool to collaborate with people that I've performed with."


The new project involves collaborations with a wide array of artists from around the globe.  Those artists include Mexican rhyme spitters Spoken Mind, Ikuestion, Wilson & Spia, Mextape, and Karim Zomar.  Participants of the project hailing from Central and South America are Huba, Sai, Enoch Samuels, Poeta, Enigma, Mr. Dogg, and Marswell.  The collaborations are rounded out with musicians such as Capital X, Two Towers, Gun & Mr. Dub T, and Gabe Rosales.


Jehuniko collaborated with musicians representing such musical hotbeds as Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and even as far as Denmark.  The project was hosted by DJ Flako of Guatemala, arranged by Anura of DRUM studio, and mixed by Omar Loya.


For this new project, Jehuniko placed an emphasis on collaborating with musicians that he had previously toured or worked with in the past.  The Left Coast MC and spoken word artist has performed with many of the artists throughout Europe and Latin America.  He describes his opportunity to work with fellow Hip Hop artists such as Huba and Enoch a blessing to his career.


Artwork from the album was handled by City of Angels native Michael Alvarez, while Jehuniko remained busy coordinating the project and working on promotional videos.  For his own lyrical contribution to the album, Jehuniko temporarily converted his home into a studio, where he recorded over 27 songs in just over three days.


Watch the commercial for "Guerra de la Mente" below.  Can't see the video on your phone?  Click Here to watch it on Youtube.


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