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Jay-Z - Brooklyn High Jim Jones Diss Lyrics


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Lyrics to Jay Hova dissing Jim Jones of Harlem Diplomats (Dip Set)

Little Punk ass Buck, thatís it ni**a (laughing)
Thatís ballin?
I guess Men Lie, Women LieÖ
But Numbers Donít
Its Over for that Balliní
It My TurnÖ

We Fly High, No Lie, You Know this

Brooklyn get Paper
Tote big thangs
We Chase ni**as around they own Ball Games
Ball Game ni**a its over for you Lames
Gimme Back the Chain
Its over for you Dames
F**k Yaíll Broads
Didnít they ever tell you donít f**k with a manís family
F**k up with yaíll ?
Kidnap mine ni**a I will Click Clack Push your wig Back
Further than Tara Banks Head Line
Your Bank vs Mine, if ya Balliní
Ni**a what Iím doing canít be defined
The Jonesí canít keep up
maybe my ni**a Nas
But I got Stronger after Ether (wow!)

We Fly High, No Lie, You Know this

Bed Stuy, Brownsville, CI
The Best in the Game Since Daddy Kane and B.I.
My Turn, We Live, money to burn ni**a we on Fire
G-Fiver, Ace a Spade make it real easy to book ya babe
Iím running a Boston on these ni**as
Iím watching ya soundscan you keep Renigging
Iím Trump Tight, Trump like
Iím on my way to a billy I play my cards nice
ni**as like Hov ya sound too Rich
Iím Like Oh! ainít that about a bitch
Ainít that we here for therefore
I sound like I am supposed to sound
Meet me at the Clearport
Iím Balliní for real you pump faking it
Manhattan keep on Faking it Brooklyn Keep on taking it! Yeah!
[ Lyrics]

Shout out to all My real ni**as in Harlem! 145th and All That!
This ainít about Boroughs its about B**ches!
Itís Game Time



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