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Peruvian Rapper Confronts Immigration Concerns with New Song
3/27/11 - news


Parental Advisory Warning: Songs contain explicit lyrics.  Click ► symbol to listen.


With immigration becoming a heated issue in American politics, one New York rapper has released a song to reflect his view of the difficult road to the American dream.


Kop-N-Go Records CEO and artist Jakpot has witnessed the struggle of immigrants throughout his life. 

While in their 20's, Jakpot's parents left the slums of Peru bound for the United States, on a one-way ticket destined for the American Dream.  Making a home for themselves in Paterson, New Jersey, Jakpot's father worked at a textile factory, and his mother stayed home to care for him and his four siblings. 


But when Jakpot was only five years of age, tragedy struck in the form of his mother becoming critically ill with multiple sclerosis.  Two years later, she passed away.  Depressed and with a heavy heart, Jakpot's father moved the family to Long Island, New York for a fresh start at life. 


Bankrupt from medical bills, and now with five children to care for alone, his father was left with no choice but to receive welfare.  Unable to speak English, the only job he could find was that of a janitor, and he often found himself working for employers who exploited immigrants for their own gain.


Jakpot's first brush with the reality of hate crimes against immigrants occurred after his family moved to Patchogue, New York.  It was in that Long Island town that Marcelo Lucero, a dry cleaner employee from Ecuador, was murdered simply for being Hispanic.  The story made national headlines, and Jakpot has since been compelled to speak on behalf of Latinos and immigrants who encounter hate and hardship on the road to the American Dream. 


Jakpot recently created a buzz with the release of his new song "Igualdad" (Equality), made available as a free download on the BandCamp website.  Through the song, he expresses the frustration experienced by many Hispanic immigrants looking for a better life in America.  He also makes a plea to fellow Americans to look beyond appearances:


Judge me from within

not the color of my skin

nor the way my eyes slant

never mind the accent

judge me by my actions

the son of immigrants

who escaped poverty

and haven't looked back since


"Due to the language barrier, I feel immigrants don't have a voice." Jakpot told LatinRapper, while adding "and being bilingual and born to immigrant parents, I felt that I had to represent their side in a song."


"Equality" can be heard at:


Jakpot on Facebook:     



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