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J-King & Maximan: Crusaders Rise Up
9/29/10 - exclusive interview by Dante

J-King and Maximan

J-King and Maximan earned their stripes in Puerto Rico's urban movement as part of the group Casa de Leones, topping the billboard charts with their hit single "No Te Veo."


Thanks to cuts from their latest album Los Superheroes, including "Cuando, Cuando Es" and "Sr. Juez", the duo have enjoyed a meteoric rise coinciding with millions of Youtube views in a matter of only months.


While preparing to perform in the upcoming Machete Music tour, J-King took time out to speak with in this exclusive interview. Tell me something about Los Superheroes album that dropped last summer.

First of all, we would like to thank God for giving us the opportunity to do this album. The album dropped July of this year.  It's a mixture of cultures like reggaeton, dancehall, ballad, R&B.  We call it Los Superheroes, because we came to save reggaeton.  What we thought was reggaeton was disappearing, the essence was disappearing.


Every reggaeton singer was doing different music fusions.  So we kept our roots, and out came the Superheroes.  And we're blessed that the first single Cuando Cuando Es topped the Billboard charts, was in the top five for eighteen weeks on the Tropical charts and on the Hot Latin Urban songs,  so we're very grateful for that and for Machete.


You say that you want to bring it back to the essence, what artists do you consider the essence of reggaeton or underground?


When I say that we wanted to bring it back, we're trying to bring the whole genre back again.  I would consider Wisin y Yandel, Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Jowell y Randy, and ourselves, even Cosculluela to be taking reggaeton to another level.  We're hitting our peak right now.


You have one of the most unique sounds in reggaeton, who would you consider your influences to be?


Our influences would be Tempo from Ponce, he's in prison right now, free Tempo.  Hector Lavoe, who was the greatest salsa singer in the history of salsa music.  Even Michael Jackson, Wisin y Yandel, Daddy Yankee.  Those would be the main artists that inspired our careers and ourselves.


You were popular as part of Casa de Leones.  What do you think specifically made J-King and Maximan so popular in Puerto Rico?


I think it was after we left Casa de Leones, me and Maxi decided to start writing material for us two.  We started making a different fusion of music.  I think it was with tema "Hijo en la Disco," it was a tema that brought us to the eye of the public as a real strong duo.  Then we came out temas like "Beso en la Boca," "Dejame Tocarte," that helped solidify our position in Puerto Rico.


I was a fan of songs like "Rastrillea II," but you made a departure from the dancehall sound with "Sr. Juez."  What made you decide to sit down and make a song and video like that?


It was the feedback of the people.  If you look up Sr. Juez right now, it's got over two and a half million downloads already. And it's crazy 'cause the song started just two weeks ago.  Fans made it their favorite, I don't really know what made it so popular that made us drop it to the second one.


I think it's the fusion that we used, a style of melodies mixed with a romantic style.  We thought it was a good idea to bring a lot of versatility to the CD.  So with songs like Estrellito, Sr. Juez, y Dedicame un Minuto, those three songs are the ones that we take a bit off of our style, but we're proud of them.


I know that you're on the Machete Music tour, you doing any other concerts to promote the new album?


We're doing an international tour, we're doing it with a company Rocafort Enterprise, which is a manager Osvaldo Rocafort.  We just went to Honduras, we're going to Ecuador again in two weeks.  We're going to Chile in November.  Thank God the work is good, the CD is paying off, know what I'm saying.  We're looking forward to the Machete Tour, so we're doing our own shows and concerts internationally.  And we feel blessed because of that. 


I wouldn't have thought that Ecuador had a big reggaeton fan base.


They're huge, huge huge huge.  Guayaquil, Quito, wow.  They love reggaeton and they're really knowledgeable about it, they know the whole history, which is crazy.


Besides the touring, are you doing anything else big this year?

We're promoting our second single, Sr. Juez.  We're doing music right now, we just did a joint with Wisin y Yandel on Los Vaqueros 2.   We just made a remix with Yaga and Mackie, "Movimiento Loco," which is getting huge right now in Puerto Rico.  The song is crazy, you have to download it.  We're going to do a couple of mambos, to mix reggaeton with mambo, it's the hottest beat on the market right now. 


Working on our music, trying to get better every day, hitting the studio real hard.  When we get back from touring, we go to the studio, and we go to the airport, and we go back to the tour.  We feel blessed about it right now. 


J-King and Maximan right now are still working, and we want to get to the number one spot.  But we know it takes time.  We're looking forward to the  second CD, which is gonna be crazier than the first one.


Is there any reason why you guys have more of a dancehall, maybe even a Panamanian flavor to your music?


Panamanian and dancehall.  Since we were little kids, me and Maxi been listening to them for music.  I'm talking to you about since when Mr. Vegas wasn't Mr. Vegas, Sean Paul wasn't Sean Paul, Dangerman, Supercat.  We just grew up being crazy fans of dancehall.  When we got the chance, every Friday we went to the mall to get a CD so we could listen to it. 


Dancehall is our biggest influence, so that's why we have to have that Caribbean sound.  We stopped listening to it about five years ago, just so we could focus on our music.  We didn't copy nothing, so nothing would get stuck in my head, know what I'm saying.


Is there anything you want to say to your fans?


I would like to say thank you to all the fans.  Be on the lookout for Los Superheroes.  Get your copy at or at, and be looking forward to J-King and Maximan on the Machete tour.  And to the whole world, we love you, God bless everybody.


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