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Far from Hallmark: Official Street Cards
2/1/06 - news


Hip Hop greeting cards

For those people who are looking for cards with a more urban edge to them, from Brooklyn, New York comes Official Street Cards. The company was founded June of last year by Alex Vasquez, who describes the cards as "hood feelings expressing a greeting." In discussing his motivation to create the card line, Vasquez explained to "Seeing that there's nothing out there that I could just say exactly what I'm thinking, I'm not too much into the real Hallmark card that goes in depth with the mushy stuff"

Street Cards can be found online and in 20 locations throughout Brooklyn and New Jersey, Vasquez hopes to one day find his cards among established ones at stores like Walgreens.
The Street Cards website includes a feature where visitors can submit a card design which will go under review by those people involved with the company, if a card is selected for use then the artist will receive a copy of their card in the mail.

Vasquez points out that his company is diverse. "I'm Puerto Rican, there's Afro-Americans thatís involved with it, so its multicultural company," stated Alex. "We have Chinese illustrators, we have Caucasian illustrators, people are connected with the actual company."





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