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Spanish-Bolivian MC Hector Guerra Releases First Single from his Second Solo Album Dropping December 4

November 18, 2012 at 11:05 AM ET - Rodrigo


Hector Guerra

Known as one of the most significant representatives of the new school of urban Latin music in Spain, Hector Guerra, Spanish-Bolivian MC and producer, officially released "What Up" in the U.S. today. This is the first single of his new album as a soloist that will be released in this country on December 4.

Hector Guerra is an artist that has surprised his audience, especially in Mexico, the country he currently resides in, and where he has quickly positioned himself as one of the songwriters of the new music style. "Outside of rock, outside of hip hop, reggae and outside of pop and electronic music, but at the same time inside of all those genres and styles", as Hector himself explains.

As a founding member of Pachamama Crew, one of the world's strongest Spanish-speaking musical collectives, where he has been identified from the beginning as one of the most prominent Spanish MCs, Hector Guerra decided to travel to Mexico in 2011 to broaden his horizon. He quickly positioned himself very successfully on the music scene with his first EP as a soloist, called "El 3er Amanecer".


A few months later, Hector Guerra became part of the AHO Colectivo, consisting among others of Rubén Albarrán (Café Tacvba) and Roco Pachucote (Maldita Vecindad / Sonidero Meztizo), a group of artists devoted to defending the Cheran and Wirikuta indigenous territories. This group has presented an album containing 10 tracks ("Estacion Wirikuta") that became #1 in iTunes sales.

"What Up" is the first single of what will be Hector Guerra's double album. It is a festive and at the same time political track that mixes Hector's rap with traditional banda music from the Purépecha region of Michoacán. The video was recorded at Playa Ventura in Mexico's state of Guerrero with the participation of local people.


The first part of the future double album, called "Amor", contains 12 tracks that mix hip hop with Andean music, dance hall, traditional banda sounds, reggae and cumbia. It is a collection of distinctive songs and rhythms from this new artist which will be released on December 4.



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