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Ecuadoran Hip Hop Duo Global Traxxx Debut "Tocarte" Video

August 13, 2012 at 12:40 AM ET - news


rap group Global Traxxx

New York rap group Global Traxxx has recently debuted the video for "Tocarte", a Spanish-language song to be released on the Ecuadoran duo's upcoming album.


Friends since childhood, Carlos Marin and Gabriel Toscano are known in the Hip Hop industry as "L O ESE" and "TRAXXX," respectively.


The Queens, New York music artists combine Hip Hop, Electronic, Latin, Pop and House music in an effort to develop a unique urban sound.


The video for their most recent song, Tocarte, was filmed by director D-Dayz on June 17, 2012 at Creative Studios in Brooklyn, New York.  Tocarte will appear on their upcoming album, although the duo hasn't yet decided on the official release date.


"We will drop an album whenever we feel like we have the right fan base, and right recognition for our music" Global Traxxx member L O ESE explained to  The duo is hoping to work with other established Hispanic music artists such as Reychest, Arcangel, Danay Suarez, or Vico C for their upcoming production.


Although Global Traxxx rap in English as most New York Hip Hop artists do, the duo consider their Spanish music superior, as their flow is more relaxed in their native language. 


L O ESE and Traxxx have recently performed at events in New York, New Jersey and California, in an attempt to better promote their music.  The goal of the duo is to not only gain attention for their new songs, but also the fusion of musical subgenres that they have developed.


"Global Traxxx is a taste of many genres of music put together," L O ESE pointed out, adding "It's a whole movement of friends just trying to have a good time."


Watch their video "Tocarte" below, or click here to watch it on Youtube.



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