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Washington State Rapper G-U Drops Silver Bullet Mixtape

March 27, 2013 at 11:40 AM ET - (words by Dante)


Wenatchee rapper G-U

Wenatchee, Washington rapper G-U of the Hip Hop Group Elevation 420 has released his latest solo mixtape "Silver Bullet" for free download


The Northwest MC has collaborated with a number of established music artists, and is preparing his first solo full-length album which will include a fusion of Hip Hop and traditional Mexican music.


"Silver Bullet" is the first solo mixtape released by the Mexican-American rapper, and is available as a free download online (click here). The 21-track mixtape's title is a reference to the nickname of Coors Light, bottles of which are packaged with "cold" and "super cold" labels. "I decided if I was gonna make a mixtape to showcase my skills, I would have to be super cold on it" G-U explained to


The rapper with a decade in the music game describes the new mixtape as a well-rounded effort that confronts issues ranging from past criminal days, to the struggles faced by single mothers.  "It's all sincere," the rapper expressed, "because either I've lived it or experienced it." Silver Bullet also features 15 original beats used exclusively for the mixtape, while the remainder were taken from existing songs.


To promote the new mixtape, G-U recently filmed a video for his single "El Rey," with the MC rhyming over the "3 Kings" beat originally produced by Jake One for Rick Ross.  The video was directed by Christian Espinoza of ESP films, and shot entirely in Wenatchee, Washington.  G-U donned an "El Pachuco" brand zoot suit throughout most of the video, which served a reflection of his appreciation for Chicano culture.


G-U, an acronym for "greatly unexpected", derives from a childhood friend's mispronunciation of the rapper's given name, Gustavo.  G-U's family migrated from Oaxaca, Mexico to Leavenworth, Washington in 1993 in search of a better life for their children. 


After falling in love with Hip Hop at the age of nine, G-U eventually began recording music by age 16 in 2003. His first recording studio equipment consisted of little more than a $20 computer microphone, and a wire hanger covered in pantyhose to serve as a makeshift pop filter.  Ten years later, the rapper looks back on his early days with a laugh while admitting "I thought I was gonna get signed ASAP."


G-U eventually teamed up with friend and fellow rapper E-Dub to create the Hip Hop group "Elevation 420."  The group's success grew as they were able to open for a variety of artists such as Tech N9ne, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Ying Yang Twins, Chingo Bling, E-40, Mr. Capone-E, Devin The Dude, Gorilla Zoe and many others.  Although the duo occasionally performs in nearby Seattle, the rappers primarily open for artists touring in their hometown of Wenatchee.


The Wenatchee, Washington rapper considers living in a small town (population 32,000) to be one of the biggest challenges to his music career.  G-U explained that in 2003 his hometown lacked a true Hip Hop scene, which motivated him to network with artists and event promoters in other areas throughout the state.  Now with his own home studio, G-U continues to record music while reaching a broader audience thanks to promotion via social networking websites.


G-U is presently in the process of recording his first solo LP, which is untitled as of yet. Although the Silver Bullet mixtape is entirely in English, the rapper's first full-length album promises to include tracks in Spanish. The artist also plans to work traditional Mexican sounds into the beats for his upcoming album. "I've been experimenting with mixing more of Mexican music such as cumbias and rancheras" G-U explained.  The new album will possibly be released within the next year, and will include other notable Latin Hip Hop artists as guest features.



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