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Flex and the Rise of Romantic Style
10/21/10 - exclusive interview by Dante (en Español)

DJ Flex interview

Félix Danilo Gómez, better known to Latin music fans as Flex, started his music career over a decade ago in Panama.  A number of hits made Flex a popular name throughout Central America, but it wasn't until he dropped his album "Te Quiero" that his popularity exploded throughout the world. That year alone, Flex sold out hundreds of shows, introducing fans to his trademark sound known as "Romantic Style."  While preparing for the nationwide Machete Music tour, the platinum-selling artist spoke to in this exclusive interview. Do you live in Panama now, or the United States?

In Panama, in the Republic of Panama.

You have an original sound to your music, what's your personal definition of "Romantic Style?"

Romantic Style is the fusion of Jamaican reggae from the movement that we have within our urban genre here in Panama.  The fusion of of reggae with pop ballads, or Latin pop, and from that was designated Romantic Style, or romantic reggae.

Are you recording an album right now?

As a matter of fact, we have a new production that we're calling Romantic Style Part 3, it's the new album we have.  But we've also already assembled it, that is to say, already from the creativity that there is going to be a fourth Flex album for next year, 2011.  We worked together with the producers Predicador and Echo, putting together what will be next year's Romantic Style Number 4.

Where have you been going on tour?

Well, we've been all over Latin America, different countries in Latin America such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico.

How did you get involved with the Machete Music Tour?

Like the majority of artists, we were offered an invitation, and we said of course that we're going to be present on the tour that's coming up.  Much of the urban Latin genre, and I think that it's convenient that all of the artists united will lend our talent, and that the genre will keep growing as it's very important.  And because of that, I decided to accept the invitation from Machete Music Group.

In what cities are you going on tour with Machete?

Well, we're going to be in Los Angeles, El Paso, Charlotte, New York.  Also more cities there like Dallas and Houston.

You spent 10 years in music, but within the last year or two went platinum and have become internationally famous. Had you ever expected your new international fame?

Never, I never imagined it.  The truth is that I always was a local artist in Panama, my dream was to be heard on the radio station here in Panama like the majority of Spanish reggae artists here.


However, I now have the opportunity to leave my country thanks in part to the album "Te Quiero" that was a Latin American phenomenon, and I give thanks to God for that, and for turning me into an international artist with what is Romantic Style.

Do you have anything to say to your fans?

To all my fans, I love you a lot, and thanks for the opportunity to come inside your heart and continue supporting and giving us the opportunity to continue our talent.  And thanks to them, we continue in this music, growing day by day.


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