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Flex Biography

Courtesy of Machete Music

Félix Danilo Gómez, better known as FLEX began his musical career ten years ago, but it wasn’t until the year 2000 when a reggae producer gave him the opportunity to record an album along with other artists. His song “Dejala” started receiving heavy airplay, not only in his native Panama, but also in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Honduras, Peru and Ecuador.

FLEX recorded another song, “Tus Recuerdos”, a song that thanks to its lyrics, heart and soul immediately became a favorite for many and a Mother’s Day anthem because of FLEX’s interpretation. He had lost his mother that same year so he imprinted his performance with all the feelings he was going through at the time making it a very powerful song. Thanks to the success of “Tus Recuerdos,” the song was also recorded as a ballad and in a reggae version.

FLEX arrives to Mexico and the United States proving that it hasn’t been easy to become one of the most popular performers in the last decade. After ten years of hard work, he showed the world that it’s never too late to look for new opportunities, reach your goals and become a musical phenomenon with his own particular brand, “Romantic Style”. His lyrics, infused with Jamaican and Panamanian influences, have made him popular not only for his music, but also for his extraordinary charm.

“Te Quiero” was his astonishing debut. One of the biggest hits of all time, it quickly became the most played song all over Latin America and the US. Only in 2008, FLEX sold out more than 150 shows in Mexico and more than 60 all over the continent; that would be more than one million people of all ages singing along this talented performer.

In 2009, FLEX released a new single “Dime si te vas con el”, co-written by him and Fernando Cabrera “Saik”. With a fusion of Latin rhythms, this song is precisely the Evolution of the Romantic Style, which is aptly the name of the album that includes it. “La Evolucion Romantic Style” was produced by Victor Delgado “Predicador” and was released on January 27th, 2009 in Mexico and the US.

During 2009, FLEX continued with the promotion of his second album, and right after the success of “Dime si te vas con el” he released “Te Amo Tanto” which also became an instant hit. A concert tour through all of Latin America followed.

Just in August of this past year, FLEX received Platinum Record for the sales of his album La Evolución Romantic Style, in the US and Puerto Rico. He was also part of a huge free concert that took place at the well known Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City, along with many other artists to promote tourism in that country.


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• Number one on national radio for over 20 weeks in Mexico and the United States.
• Sold over 700,000 copies of the album “Te Quiero” in Mexico, United States, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Spain.
• Leader in digital downloads in Mexico, USA and Argentina.
• Multi Award winner and nominated by the music industry worldwide
• Gold and Double Platinum Records in Mexico, Triple Platinum in U.S.
• Winner of one Award in "Premios Juventud"
• Winner of 3 awards "Monitor Latino”
• Winner of one Latin Grammy
• Winner of an "Oye" Award
• Winner of 8 “Billboard Latin Music” Awards
• 2008 tour with more than 100 shows throughout Latin America and Spain.
• Stellar performances in both Film and TV.


“Besos de Amor” is the title of the newest FLEX song which will arrive to radio stations in the next few days. The song was co-written by FLEX, Reynold Martinez and Ricky Rick who also performs a duet in the song. The accompanying video "Besos de Amor" was filmed during the month of January. FLEX's second album will be on sale in March; however the title is still a surprise.

Currently, he has three nominations for Premios lo Nuestro in the Urban Music category for Album of the Year for “La Revolucion Romantic Style”, Artist of the Year and Song of the Year for “Dime si te vas con el”. 2010 is beginning to look like a great year for FLEX already, who has proven that he is not only a successful artist, but also a highly appreciated performer.

Now, FLEX shows everyone once again, why he is still the number one artist and the one and only creator of the Romantic Style.

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