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Fito Blanko to Represent Canada on Furious 7 Soundtrack

February 19, 2015 at 3:40 AM ET - Loyalty


Panamanian-Canadian tropical urban artist Fito Blanko (Crown Loyalty Ent), signed to Pitbull’s Mr. 305 Inc., will be featured on the original motion picture soundtrack for Furious 7 (previously known as Fast & Furious 7). The grammy-nominated artist’s “Meneo” will be heard during the movie and will also appear on the 16-track soundtrack coming out on Atlantic Records on March 17. Meanwhile, Fito is currently promoting his new video for the Motiff Music-produced “Show Privado,” featuring Black “Jones” Point and Jowell.

“I had no idea the track list was out. Robert Fernandez (Mr. 305 Inc.) submitted the song and the producers of the film liked it. You never know until the track list is out if the record actually got selected or not.” said Fito.

And on where viewers might expect to find “Meneo” in the movie itself:

“I’m not sure which part of the movie it will be used in yet. I’m just excited as a fan of the franchise to see the film. I’ve always loved the ‘Meneo’ record and I’m blessed to be part of this project. I’m proud to rep Canadian talent. Want to thank my Crown Loyalty fam – Don Ella, Big D, Saltone, and the producers of ‘Meneo,’ Sensei Musica, DJ Chino, Jorgie and Pit.”


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Fito Blanko to appear on Furious 7 movie soundtrack

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