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Interview with Triple Seis
7/21/04 - exclusive interview



rapper Triple Seis picture

Years before "Lean Back", years before Terror Squad dropped their first album, there was Ruff & Rugged. The crew, consisting of artists Triple Seis, Cuban Link, and the legendary Big Pun (then known as Big Moon Dog), would later take on new member "Toom" (aka Prospect) and become Full-A-Clips Crew, the doors opening to them thanks to Pun's success. The four would eventually join Terror Squad, yet after a debut album and Pun's passing, Seis and Cuban jumped ship amidst swirling rumors of beef within the group.


The Bronx Dominicano went his own way, collaborating with various artists until signing to Madd Records and recording his debut solo, "Time'll Tell". With his album dropping this summer, Seis spoke with LatinRapper about his career, being friends with Pun before the music, and his thoughts on Terror Squad. It's been a few years since we've heard your name, what have you been up to?

Well I been underground a lot, just doing a lot of dropping white labels. I dropped a single with Fat Beats, from there I did a lot of mixtapes, keeping my name on the streets. Then I went on the Rock the Vote tour. Just the love the Beatnuts had for me, I opened up. I also worked on dropping my own album with Cuban my brother, Ice T and the Beatnuts, I kept grinding and kept pushing and someone is gonna put the independent album out, which is Madd Records.

Tell us a bit about your debut album.

Well the album is called "Only Time Will Tell", not only ‘cause of the timing, but just a theory I had in life that time will tell anything, I live by that model. I still fell that there is more time on my album, the next one is in development, its gonna get better like fine wine, gotta stay focused and have more drive.

Who did you work with on the album?

You got Ice-T, you got Cuban Link, you got Trigger Tha Gambler, you got Psycho Les, you got a lot of unknown guys I'm trying to put on. (For beats) We have Mayor, he works with Joe Buddens, I got Rich Kid, Antonio, I got Hellraiser, probably people you never heard of in your life but I choose them because the music is good. I could have gone to Alchemist and got some beats from him, but you know it was about the timing, I really had to get this done, I dealt with people with hot beats, everything fell into place.

Who have you been collaborating with outside of your own project?

Well I just did the Beatnuts new album, of course, the love is there. I'm also working on my own mixtape, I'm doing a mixtape with Tony Touch, of course I'mma be on it freestyling, but other music too. I think I'mma have the first mixtape that might get me a distribution deal (laughs). I'm on Cuban's new album coming out that September on MOB records called "Chain Reaction", Cuban's my brother right there, I live and die for that dude.

You're from the Bronx but chose a deal with a Canadian based hip hop label, how did that come about?

I was there ‘cause I always wanted to go overseas [outside of the U.S.] and I see that overseas still love the culture of hip hop. They still understand the music, the underground of the music, its not all about commercial that you gotta sing on every hook and make people dance. Well, if a label wanna deal with me overseas that's a plus. ‘Cause I could have dealt with Landspeed or Koch, but I thought this is a good thing.


And just to open up more doors, you know ‘cause at the time I took this deal, Cuban didn't have a deal, so I was trying to open the doors either way, but right now he's signed to a great label and he's opening up the doors for me. And at the end of the day we are doing this for Pun, ‘cause he definitely opened up the doors for me and him, he always had our back.

Cuban is opening the doors, does that mean you will go to MOB Records?

Yeah, as far as if I go anywhere else, him and his label definitely would like to deal with me, they would like to help me out and put me out there. I love and respect what MOB is doing for him, he has a great chance on selling millions of copies of records, I know he has my back, and I have his back. So he would be executive producer on my album. And my focus is not too much on the negative part of the music, ‘cause you know there is, but my focus is to be successful and climb the ladder so when I get to the top my ladder wont be on shaky ground.

Lets talk about Big Pun for a moment, people visit your site and see pics of you in front of a mural of him. What was your relationship with Pun when you were coming up in music?

Well my relationship with Pun was way before music, we met as kids. First time we really hooked up and kicked it was when we played basketball on the court. Pun was the Boricua Jordan at the time. Even at that time I was into the music ‘cause of my brother, but Pun wasn't. I'm sure he was in love with it at the time ‘cause that was the music of our generation, but he didn't really get into it until I would be at his crib and he saw me writing battle rhymes. And he got me into R&B ‘cause he would play joints and he would sing. His first rhyme, it was called "Brothers Ride the John" (laughs, sings a verse from it). His second rhyme was fire, and he never looked back.

He was real witty, you know, even before he started writing rhymes, he was a real smart person. He took everything like I told him and took it in and advanced it. He knew how to take something and master it.
Looking back, how do you remember Pun?

As a big brother, as a real true life friend. You know...... He never did nothing to nobody that he felt they didn't deserve his mood swings, whether it was good or bad. And a lot of things I look back now that we disagreed on, I see his reasons after the fact.

In the beginning there was Full-A-Clips with you, Pun and Cuban. A lot of people want to know if there is still Full-A-Clips music on tape somewhere to hear.

There is Full-A-Clips music, I don't know where most of it is, but we did a lot of songs. There are a couple verses out there people probably never heard. We just got to wait for the right timing, ‘cause everything is timing. But his son is coming, Baby Pun, you're gonna hear his lyrics right through him.

Right now Terror Squad is back in the press. After Pun passed, you and Cuban left T.S., but there hasn't been much discussion about why you left, care to speak on that?

After Pun passed, I left right away, Cuban stayed for another year, ‘cause that's when Flowers For The Dead and Still Tellin' Lies came out but got bootlegged. But I been left, you ain't even see me in the video in Puerto Rico. We sittin' in Folsom market and I told Fat Joe "I don't wanna be down with this no more, I wanna do my own thing." Fat Joe said, "What? That's what you wanna do? You can't have Terror Squad affiliations no more."


I shook his hand and I left. People couldn't believe it but it was true, ‘cause I knew the person who had my back was gone. I had no beef when I left, but deep down inside I knew that I would never have my opportunity to shine if I stayed, I can do that on my own.

No disrespect intended to Geddy, but does that somewhat reflect what some people had said about Armageddon knowing Joe for 10 years and still not getting a solo album?

Exactly. You think you get to the point in your mind when you think, I'm just a follower, I'm just there like (mumbles like delivery guy) "Whatever you need. This. Here" Input this, input that, but you aren't being a successful business man or entertainer.

So are you still friends with anyone from Terror Squad?

Well, I don't hang out with none of them. Lets say if I see Prospect, I give him dap, I won't turn my face or back on him. I see them, I acknowledge them, and they acknowledge me, then that's all its gonna be. They know that I roll with Cuban, that Cuban's my brother, and Cuban feels a certain way about them. I don't have that same bad taste in my mouth but I feel bad about how that situation went down, and I know who my true friend is, Cuban. So how can I not be at his aid or at his side, then I'm not being true to myself or his surroundings.

Who are some of the artists that you are feeling at the moment?

I always love Jadakiss, always got love for Styles, always had love for Mos Def, I feel Ghostface, Imma old school cat, you know. I like LLoyd banks, Eminem is always gonna be up there with us ‘cause I remember him, I actually remember him when he was openin' up for House of Blues tour. Ever since then I knew Eminem would be somebody. I even brought him up one day to meet Pun. So I brought him up there, he met Pun, they gave each other dap, couple months later I heard he signed with Dre, I was like whoah.

If you had never gotten into the rap game, what do you think you would be doing right now?

I would be owning a business, probably either a truck driving business or a real estate business, ‘cause I had a CDL license before I had a record contract. I came from a family that worked, we didn't inherit nothing. That's what they taught me. Even now I would be happy if the rap industry died, if Bush put a hold on rap, I'd still be a man and I'd still be comfortable with my life, I still know I'd be somebody ‘cause I'm able to adjust. Its just my way of thinking.

What do you see in the future of Triple Seis?

I see things getter better, honestly. This album is gonna come out, it is what it is, its gonna touch some people ‘cause there are some songs on there that are deep. But then from here, the next deal, especially if I roll with my brother and his label its gonna be big. ‘Cause he's gonna executive produce the album.


I know if I go with MOB its gonna be a big thing, and that's not takin' nothing away from Madd Records ‘cause everything is a ladder to success, Madd Records is an independent company, I can't expect them to do major things. Take it for what it is and what its worth.

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