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Peedo Shooting for La Luna
12/8/04 - exclusive interview

Miami rapper Peedo

From sun-drenched Miami comes Peedo, the first and only MC of the Luna Empire. A native of the Bronx, the Dominicano continues to lace hot beats produced by a team of producers who represent Luna to the fullest.


Peedo gained notoriety in Miami by taking out a slew of MCs which helped solidify his credibilty as a battle rapper.   Encounters with Fat Joe and KRS One led to notable album guest spots, as well as touring opportunities and t.v. appearances.

Peedo took time out from promoting his latest mixtape to speak with LatinRapper about repping for Dominicans, battles, and being part of a budding independent label.

Where did the name Peedo come from?

That's a family name, right there, all the Joses in my family, we call them Chelo or Peedo.

You've established a name for yourself in Florida, would you rather stick to the indie game and eat, or possibly sacrifice the dollars to get recognition faster with the majors?

Right now we just going with the flow, I always been doing it independently, I always do it from here to New York constantly. If an opportunity comes that helps me spread my name or the [Luna] Empire a little faster, I'll definitely go with the flow and try to get a little more promotion as fast as possible. Never let a good opportunity go away, know what I mean.

What else are you involved with besides rapping?

Luna Empire, we have producers, you know, we have song writers, we have a street team. And we have a clothing company called Abstract, that's been doing real good for us lately, all with the same goal.

Joe was on the cover of the Source rocking an Abstrak shirt.

Yeah, that was one of the Abstrak shirts, Joe was one of our first customers. He was the first one to really give us that major look like that, help Abstrak out big time. Of course he's been helping us a lot, its been a blessing.

There aren't too many known Dominican rappers in the game save for Triple Seis and AZ. Do you feel any pressure to rep for Dominicans in your music?

And JuJu from Beatnuts.

I can't believe I left him off, I'm a huge Beatnuts fan.

I wanna represent Dominicans, I wanna definitely do for Dominicans what Pun did for the Boricuas, definitely shed light on the culture and the people . It's just a new culture to the game, definitely wanna let them know that we have skills also. I'm ready to represent for my people, we been a part of the game.

Who are some of the artists you two have been working with lately?

A lot of Luna Empire artists; my man James, of course KRS One, me and Fat Joe are working on a song we about to release, its gonna be crazy. Couple of things about to come out, man, couple of things out there. Working with Tiffany Miranda, she's definitely very talented, she plays her own piano, all types of instruments, runs her own pro tools studio, very talented working with her.

Whose doing your production?

95% of the beats I ever spit on are all from the Luna Empire team, which is Gato, Bam Bam, Rob, my man Phil up in New York, my man Cez.

Who are some of the artists that have influenced you?

Well, the major artists were Slick Rick, KRS One, Biggie Smalls, Big L, Big Punisher, Fat Joe and of course Nasty Nas. Been a lot of people influenced by them, I listen to those songs... and 2pac. I admire his work ethic, you know.

You did a track on KRS One's Kristyles, how did you manage to hook up with the blastmaster?

Its crazy, I was up in New York for an MTV battle, been in line 14 hours for a battle, and it never happened. Some chaos broke out in the line, they canceled the show. The very next day, my cousin Gato bumps into KRS in the street. KRS says, ‘oh you got beats? Bring your beats, bring Peedo, lets see what you got'. And that was the magic.

You earned your stripes as a battle MC, word is you beat out a few dozen guys at one of Tony Toca's competitions, tell us about that.

That was back in the days, Tony Touch... That's when I first really started rapping publicly. Tony touch came to Miami, did a 42- mc battle. I came in first place, that let me know that I could really do this. Something here I can take farther than just freestyling.

Some artists known for freestyling, like Eyedea, end up dropping albums that don't cause a stir. Do you think there's a freestyle jinx?

I think its two different skills, you know freestyling is one skill that not every rap artist possesses, and vice versa, a lot of freestylers don't posses the power to write good songs. At a young age, I started out freestyling but wanted to be bigger than a freestyle rapper, so I really hit the pen and exercised how to create a song.

So if you could battle anyone, who would it be?

Hmmm (long pause). I don't know , I'm not really interested in battling anyone right now, I'm interested in making good music and proving to the people, this is real hip hop right here.

So do you still battle?

Tell you the truth, I don't really battle. I battle as an every day thing within my crew and to exercise my freestyle ability, but as far as going to shows, I wanna evolve to the next level of mcing. But if somebody wants it, they can get it (laughs)

So you're not going to answer my question about the battling. Well not talking about now, but say it was back in the day, there wasn't anyone you wanted to battle, not for victory, but just to know you battled with them or walked away from a cypher with them?

Well uh, I got the chance to be in cyphers with some of my favorite MCs, people like Jeru The Damaja, KRS One, Lord Finesse, these are guys I looked up to since I was very young. Not battling but in a cypher. Big Pun, Fat Joe, Tony Touch, you know as far as that, I'm always down for a cypher, man, I'm always looking to the next big cypher. I would love to kick freestyles with all my favorite artists. As far as battling, I'm on the level that I just wanna put my crew on, really establish the Luna Empire and let them know we more than just some freestylers, we in to make music, for the longevity of it.

You're down with Godfree and Luna Empire, how's life on a well promoted indie?

Right now its crazy, it's a lot of pressure, I'm the only artist, but I love it, keeps me busy, keeps me in the studio. Everyone doing their part, keep on doing what they do ‘til they master their part. Everyone does their position super well, we're functioning as a unit and we're gonna keep it moving.

Have you guys been touring or doing shows out of state?

Yeah, we actually did with KRS One, we did shows all over the country. Been to Los Angeles, New York city, whole state of Florida, Philadelphia, just a lot of different places. When I do the shows with KRS One, I'm not the opening act, I'm side by side on the stage with him. I really appreciate the love KRS One has shown me and the Luna Empire.

What are you working on at the moment?

I have the "KRS One presents Peedo and the Luna Empire" in stores now. I have a new project that I'm working on now, its called Southeast Beast, its gonna be Peedo with two down South very well respected artists. This project's gonna be with Black Pacino and D Cell and Peedo. Definitely gonna be something the South is gonna feel. I want people to know that I'm one of the few artist that represents two coasts. I represent my birthplace, New York city, and Miami, to the fullest. And I don't give a f**k what anyone says about that.

Any last message you'd like to add?

The luna empire, 2005 is our year! We're coming to bring the essence of hip hop back to the music, along with the most respected mc to ever walk the planet, KRS One. The Luna Empire is here to bring a new culture to hip hop, the Dominicans. And like I said, I represent two coasts, New York city and Miami, (in I don't give a f**k voice) whether the haters like it or not. I wanna give a special shout out to the Terror Squad family and the Temple of Hip Hop family, and everybody that's shown love throughout the years, we gonna keep fighting, gonna keep workin.


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