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Gloria Velez Breaks the Silence (alleged fight with Remy "Ma" Martin)
10/20/04 - exclusive interview by Dante


Four months ago we brought you an exclusive with the very sexy Gloria Velez (click here for the original interview). Well, rumors recently popped up about an altercation between fellow Murda Mamis Remy Martin of T.S. "Lean Back" fame and video girl turned rapper Glory.


Stories of chain-snatching and internal strife between Murda Mamis were not immediately verified, but let's hope any beef there might be gets squashed peacefully in the future. Gloria Velez took time out of her busy schedule to offer her side of the story of what happened that night at Club Plaid in an exclusive interview.


She discusses the altercation, her present status with Murda Mamis, and that Playboy shoot that had been floating around the rumor mill. So where did all this go down?

In New York, Jadakiss platinum party. I was hosting, so people knew I was gonna be there.

What happened that night?

I came in the club, there was a lot of media, so I was taking a lot of pictures. I was only there for 10 minutes, maybe 5. And then she (Remy) walks in, they were seating me in the VIP section, and she came right to me and said "I heard you were talking sh*t about me". No man was involved, she called me one time on the phone, cursing me out about something that El said, the CEO of Murda Mamis. She said that I was talking sh*t about her, the CEO of Murda Mamis was telling Remy Martin that I was talking about her.

So I told her, I don't know you, I don't need to talk about you, I have my own career and family. Back and forth. She came in with four girls with sneakers on, she came ready to fight. I had on 6 inch heels, I came from a playboy party. She tried to belittle me, a lot of managers, media there. She started threatening me, my face, my household, my family. I told her that she gotta stop threatening me.


She thought I couldn't fight, a light skinned Puerto Rican. We started fighting, and Sunny from Hot 97 pulled my hair from behind, like, "oh no you aint gonna fight my girl." A lot of people didn't know it was her, because they only knew her voice from the radio. She had on a wig, I pulled it out of her head. They thought I couldn't fight, [that] I wasn't gonna fight. She was screaming, "oh my god get her off me."

This other girl came at me, I found out she was Remy's long time friend from the hood, she beat up another Murda Mami, my long term friend Jamie. A lot of people wanted to see me beat up, she ran up and ran into my punch. They dragged Remy out after I punched her, she fell into the crowd, that's when they took her outside. Somebody let her back in and we started fighting again. She tried to yank my piece off. I was getting the best of her, she really cant fight. I got no scratches, no bruises on my face, thank god. I took photos afterwards so everyone could see I was alright.

Basically its about jealousy and envy. She threatening to ruin my career, threatened to slice my face, threatened my shorty. What are you thinking? You never met me before. People say I shouldn't fight, I had to protect myself, it was four other girls. Now I'm definitely gonna be with security, that was a wake up call for me, they were intimidated of me. I was protecting myself, nobody helped.


Next time I'll be with security, that will be avoided. I just know that I'm a target and its sad that she's so intimated. She has a number one album with Fat Joe, she needs to look forward, not back. We don't have anything in common, we look differently, rap differently, she shouldn't be jealous or envious. A couple of bad apples in Murda Mamis. Lala, that's my girl, Bonnie Chula from ATL, Lazy K, Ladytribe from L.A., I'm still cool with them.

So are you still down with Murda Mamis?

No. It's not a company, they don't even have a pattern. It's just a name. All they did was book a couple of shows for me in Jersey. El said she got me magazine work, said she was my manager, I hate the lying, I can't support that. I worked hard for someone else to take my glory? That's what this girl El is doing. You're the CEO and you're making the girls go back at each other. That's not what I thought Murda Mamis was representing. Especially if they are supposed to be my friends and my girls.

It was rumored that you snatched her chain.

Yeah, I ripped it off. We were fighting, she tried to rip my jewelry off. I ripped her sh*t off, it dropped to the floor, someone picked it up, I don't have it. I fought because I was protecting myself. And then if someone jumps you from behind, you gotta fight back, you're a grown woman.


This is my party, what are you doing at my party. They gotta hear the whole story, they don't get it. They think Glory cant fight because of how she looks, I'm not trying to be gangster or get hood points, I was just protecting myself.

I read on allhiphop rumors that you've got a Playboy shoot coming up?

Yes, I just shot for that actually. It's not nude, its an artistic layout. Actually I find out by the end of this week what month it will be in stores. I'm fully clothed but sexy. It's a first, I already hosted playboy T.V., I hosted their first mixtape, they are putting hip hop in their mag. It's gonna be me, and Fat Joe is gonna be in there also.

Fat Joe, after the Remy thing?

I don't think the same issue. They (Playboy) wanna get that appeal, the young hip hop crowd.

You're doing Playboy, why not go for the gusto and go full nude? I've seen you in some skimpy outfits before.

(Laughs) Not yet, not yet. I don't think it's the right time in my career at this moment. I think everything is all about timing. But it is a big difference going skimpy and going nude. But no, it's real sexy and appealing. And also on MTV2, they just started playing Video Honeys in Action with me, Melyssa Ford. They show us more in the hottest videos that we've done, so that's out on MTV2.

Just for the sake of discussion, let's say someone from Murda Mamis comes to you and says Remy wants to have a sit down and squash the beef. What would you do?

I think T.S. wants to do it, they want it squashed. I can let bygones be bygones, not like we would be friends. She didn't like me when we were Murda Mamis.


But we don't gotta have hate, or when we see each other have words. We're both grown, we're both women with careers, I have a child, you have a child, lets keep it moving. That's all on her, she has a temper, I think any excuse to not like me or get at me, she would have taken it and ran with it, and El gave her that excuse. It's not like all girls in Murda Mami don't like each other.


Now when you try to get each other against each other to fight, I don't have to be down with that. And its not like they really did anything at all, El just booked a couple of shows in Jersey City, so its not like I'm losing anything. The girls that I'm friends with I'm still friends.

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