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A Closer Look at Long Island's Escobizii and the MonaVI$A Album

2/18/12 at 6:55 AM EST - news / Control Creativo


Esly Escobar, better known as Escobizii is a bilingual artist who was born on December 7th, 1981 in Guatemala City, Guatemala and was raised on Long Island, New York. While growing up, Escobizii's passion for the music and entertainment industry was driven by his ambition for a change for a better life for himself, his family, and the culture that he represents; Hip-Hop.


In the early half of the 90's,Escobizii began to DJ at parties, events, and local nightclubs. Soon after, Esco began to realize that his talents were not fully exploited by just one trade, and later started to hone his craft of becoming a well respected rapper during the early beginnings of the new millennium.

When asked of his music inspirations, Esco takes no hesitation to name the likes of "John Lennon, Bob Marley, Tupac Shakur, and The Notorious B.I.G. Biggie Smalls." Escobizii's rap style possesses a cadence of storytelling, through his lyrics, mannerisms, his eyes, and experiences. He makes a conscious effort to remain pure and authentic with his music yet also have a superior edge ladened with hard, gritty, looped sampled, original rap instrumentals. His persona over each track - whether reciting in English or Spanish- carries such a flow that is incomparable to any other. However, on top of his artistry, Escobizii is a multifaceted business entrepreneur.

Escobizii is backed by a few notable and well-respected veterans amongst the business. He has made ways into becoming a founding co-owner/partner with music mogul Dame Dash, developing their brand Control Creativo Tv, a viral media network that will cater to the hispanic Hip-Hop and urban lifestyle community. The brand has also inked a publishing and distribution deal with Dame Dash's independently owned DD172 recordings to release future music projects on a global level.


Beyond the business aspects, Escobizii is humbly proud to consider the multi-media business man a mentor to his life. Escobizii has also tapped the renowned video directorial team of Coodie & Chike to handle and regulate all of the creative direction for the music network, another power play that sets the Long Island natives goals of visual depictions on a higher level of quality and assurance. Ski Beatz has also played a major part in the artistic development of Escobizii. From producing tracks on Esco's latest album MONAVI$A to their everyday phone conversations about life and the culture of the music business.

Esco's story resonates with all who share the same ambition - no matter the industry - to aspire for excellence, affluence, and live in the indelible fabric that is The American Dream. He is emotionally unguarded as he precisely elocuted the message, and the legacy he would like to leave, "The message I want to get across is [that] I speak to the young hustlers and entrepreneurs with a vision in life. The world is yours… if you want it. Make your Heaven here on earth. Work hard, be smart, always remember where you come from, and never give up on where you want to go."


Watch the video for "Dummies!" featuring Tote King below.  Can't see the video on your phone?  Click Here to watch it on Youtube.



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