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Dynasty & Padrino to release anticipated CD Arranka
6/25/06 - news / AR Ent press release

Dynasty & Padrino, the revolution of reggaeton, have been working their way towards the release of their new album Arrank. The young duet left a great impression when they performed two of the tracks included in their upcoming album "Arranka" and "Tu Piel", at the Daily News Stage, during the 116 Street Festival as part of the Puerto Rican Day Parade festivities in New York. They cause a stir wherever they go for meet & greets, they take the time to take pictures with their fans, sign autographs and chat with them.

The act has been performing on important shows such as Power 105.1 FM at Webster Hall in NY where they shared the stage with Busta Rhymes, Yomo, Remy Martin, Tony Touch and Cherry Martinez; and one at Club Deep where they joined Jamaican Beenie Man and their UBO mates LDA and Omawi Bling.

Heating up the way to the release of their album debut ARRANKA, Dynasty & Padrino are scheduled to perform at La Mega concert in Philadelphia on June 25th; July 2nd in Providence Rhode Island; La Mega at Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida on July 4th; and July 14th and 15th at the International Reggae Festival in Montreal, Canada.

Dynasty & Padrino are being noticed by critics and fans as part of the new reggaeton generation.


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