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Don Omar to Release Extended Version of "Meet the Orphans"
April 11, 2012 at 9:35 PM ET - news


Don Omar MTO2 New Generation

Don Omar has announced the release of "Meet the Orphans II, New Generation", the extended version of his latest album, the hit "Meet the Orphans." The new album includes the hit "Dutty Love" with Natasha Natti.

"Meet The Orphans" is the fourth full-length album by of Don Omar, originally on sale November 16, 2010.

The title is inspired by Orfanato Music Group, the artist's label, created with the idea of reviving "iDon" his previous production.


The album was released in two editions: a standard with 14 songs, and another with 19 tracks amongst which the standout "Danza Kuduro" was the first of all,  was the "Dance kuduro", first of all, "Huérfano de amor," the first cut, which was followed by " Taboo" and "Estoy Enamorado." After it went on sale on the internet came along the singles "Hookah", "Good Looking", "El Duro" and "Ángeles y Demonios."

Among the artists who collaborated on the album are Danny Fornaris, Kendo Kaponi, Syko, Plan B, and Zion & Lennox, in addition to producers Lunny Tunes and Eliel, and French rapper of Portuguese origin Lucenzo, the creator of the track that gave birth to "Danza Kuduro."

The video of the album's first single was filmed on the island of St. Martin, and was directed by Canadian Vincent Egret, while the clip "Taboo" was filmed in the same Caribbean location but shot by Marlon Peña.

In addition to getting great reviews by the press, the album debuted in second place in the Top Billboard Latin Albums, at number one on Billboard's Latin Rhythm Albums, and eighth place on the Billboard's Top Rap Albums. According to Universal Music Latino, "Meet The Orphans" went Platinum, certified after their first week of sales.


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