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Honduran Rapper DJ Sy Hits Houston
1/16/06 - / DPI Press release


DJ Sy Honduras

“Porque le gusta la Gasolina” No we are not talking about Daddy Yankee; instead we are talking about the #1 Rapper from Honduras DJ Sy aka Humberto Mendoza, born in San Pedro Sula June 3rd 1980.


DJ Sy is making so much noise from Honduras that not even the mighty United States can escape his musical wrath.


El Mensajero is telling like it is, telling the world about the struggles of being young, Latino and ambitious in a world where our identity as humans beings and all of our securities seem even more illusive than ever before.In his native country of Honduras, DJ Sy packs clubs and was recently hand picked by Pepsi Music to become their official spokesperson and presenter to the Battle of the Bands.

DJ Sy has just recharged his batteries after making his debut at the Calle Ocho Carnival in Miami. "I played to the crowd and even though my performance was only 15 minutes the crowd was digging my music, and so I know the message got through. I was there among the very best from Puerto Rico, the crowd was feeling me and the support was unconditional" commented Sy.

"Pepsi is opening doors and giving the youth of our country the opportunity to make their dreams come true. It’s a chance for everyone who dares to dream big, can make their big dreams come true and take a chance against the best bands in the country." Sy, an icon of this genre in Honduras, swears that like this event there is no other. DJ Sy's new CD released “El Mensajero” comes at critical moment in music history, and he's already made his indelible mark. His presence and talent is already being felt right here in the Gulf Region.

DPI Entertainment and present: DJ Sy in concert

February 2nd, Amazonia Night Club Houston, TX.
February 3rd, Sogo Live - Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
February 4th, Southport Hall, New Orleans, Louisiana.   



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