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Die Antwoord - Evil Boy Lyrics featuring Wanga (Plus Explanation)


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Die Antwoord Evil Boy

The video is at the bottom of this page, if you want to listen to it and read the lyrics at the same time.

Vuil-Geboosted Gangsta (turbo-boosted ill)
Yo evil boy!

Why is your incana [penis] so big?

All the better to love you with

No glove no love

If you don't believe me

Take your dirty hands off my umthondo wisizwe [spear of the nation]


(play on words: Umkhonto we Sizwe "Spear of the Nation" was an armed group that Nelson Mandela led to fight racist apartheid in South Africa):

Happy happy joy joy

Crush kill destroy

Go (bring it) car crash rap style

ah man that's wild

Evil boy rap time

People go, zap signs

Full f**kin flex fresh

Mega Zef go!


Everybody go Ho like a Thundercat

I'm all up in the club in my underpants

No shirt on 'cuz it's f**kin hot

Let's go diplo pump it up

Girls wanna say hello to me

From the zef size to the f**kin overseas

I'm looking at who's looking at me

Looking at you looking back, who can that be?

When I'm all up this

B*tch you know who the motherf**k it is

Roll through the club like a tikoloshe [small hairy African demon with a giant horse penis]

Ninja's hung like a fokken horse

Yeah girl, I'm a freak of nature

Sign my name on your boob, f**k a piece of paper

If you feeling me, cool, not feeling me, f**k off

Wies Jy? Fokkol!  Umnqunduwakho [who are you?  No one, f**king a**hole]



Mamelapa umnqunduwakho [listen here you f**king a**hole]

andifuni ukuyaehlatini [I don't want to go to the bush with you]

Sukubammba incana yam [don't touch my penis]

Andi so staban [I'm not gay]

Incana yam yeyamantobi [this penis is for the girls]

Incana yam iclean [my penis is clean]

Incana yam inamandla [my penis is strong]

Ndiyinkwekwe enkulu [I am a big boy]

Angi funi ukuba yeendota [don't want to be a man]

Evil boy for life, yebo [yes]

Evil boy for life!



Yo-Landi Vi$$er so fancy like this dope ass beat

Rock the motherf**kin microphone with no panties

I'm a bad ass chick yo my black magic

speletjies [spells] make all the boys go damn that's sick

Lie down on the bed boy, lemme light the candles

Uh uh don't touch!  Yo-Landi just too hot to handle

Blindfold you, lock your hands up with the handcuffs

even though you lying down, I can make you stand up

Spirits in the room tickle you like a sneaky prawn

F**k a pen and a pad I write my raps with a ouija board

Draw a pentagram on your chest with my lipstick

Visions in the mirror heavy Zef futurustic

Lemme take your pants off let's see what you made of

Go through your pockets, no we not going to make love

Go through your wallet, woo!  What a lot of paper

What a f**kin sucker, see you later masturbator.


I went from fokol to so fokken hot right now, I'll put you in your place

Motherf**ker skrik walker [wake the f**k up]

We coming through pumping you full of bass

Fok rustik eks apokaliptikal f**king you in the face [f**k chilling out, I'm apocalyptic]

Zef cherries tjoon my spieg my fokken hol nat [zef girls tell me to spit their bums wet]

F**k everyone, eyes on the prize when I go for the jugular

Surprise me or fokof and die if I remind you of how much you suck

Everyone's so fokken so-so, yo we been sent to f**k you up

Zef techno mosh pit gangsta nommer een kind [number one child]

Everything you rap about comes true if you got some freakin balls

But mind your tongue when you rhyme on the drum gaan vra vir biggie Smalls

I gotta rock if you motherf**kin like it or not,

yo Is you ready for this hostile take over?

Bow to the fokken master

My slang is bangin, I'm freakin the f**k out of myself, yo

I'm my biggest fan

'Cuz buddy when you man down no fokken hands out

when you really need a hand

Machine gun rapper, lekker budda budda motherf**ker

Yo I'm bigger than

koos kombuis se ma se fokken poes [Koos Kombuis' mother's vagina]

Na Na Na Na Na

You can't fuck with this ou [man]

Blah blah blah whatever

Watch a million f**kin kids go

Na Na Na Na Na

Super fokken fris flow

Ninja, Wanga and Yo-Landi Vi$$er

vs Diplo

* Note: Some of the lyrics are in Afrikaans/Dutch and Xhosa.


The song is about ritual circumcision in South Africa.  Wanga's people believe that young men need it to enter manhood, and you are considered gay, unclean and unable to marry if you don't do it.  But since dozens of Africans die from improperly done circumcisions each year, Wanga says he'd rather be an "evil boy for life" than enter manhood through the ritual.




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Alternate spellings of Die Antwoord include Dee Antwoor - Dei Antword - Tie Anwoord and Ze Antwerd