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Dawizard  Presenta su Nuevo Video "Principe"

December 7, 2012 at 9:00 PM ET - Chan Chan press

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Dawizard Principe video

After great effort and setbacks, Spanish rapper Dawizard has finally dropped his latest video.  "Principe" is the first preview of the next volume in "Inmortal", number four of music available for free download.  Just as we've grown accustomed to, Dawizard returns to offer us another album in his own peculiar style for all to enjoy.

 The new video "Principe" [Prince] is inspired by the legendary 90's sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," but isn't limited to simply reproducing the story but offering us a parallel with a moral, as well as nod to to other classics like Back to the Future.

The video is once again directed, shot and edited Pol Sannicolas ("Un dia normal", "Si el Baloncesto fuese Sexo"), but for the first time, the idea and the script are the product of Dawizard.


The video, which can be seen by clicking here, is available on Youtube will shortly appear on various TV channels. The track features the vocal collaboration of Zebina (director of "Puedes llamarlo magia"), was recorded and mixed in Lebuqe, with the beat produced by RJBeats.


Watch the new video:



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