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Daddy Yankee Guest at Zumbaź Fitness 2012 Concert

August 11, 2012 at 5:10 PM ET - news / Nevarez PR

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"Zumba Fitness" creators of the acclaimed Zumba workout, continue to revolutionize the music industry by creating a new alternative for artists to promote their music to an audience of more than 12 million fans a year in 125 countries. This weekend "Lovumba", the Daddy Yankee hit, is one of the representative songs of the "Zumba Instructor Convention." Specifically in the Zumba Fitness Concert that was held on Thursday, and a private presentation held August 10.


The lyrics and musical arrangements of Daddy Yankee projected the energy this workout requires, characterized by its rhythm and movement. It is estimated that currently over 12 million people worldwide practice Zumba.


Thousands of Zumba instructors from around the world gather at this annual convention, in which one day offers a routine to the beat of "Lovumba", one of the hits to be included in "Prestige", the new album by Daddy Yankee to be released September 11, 2012. Besides listening to music, Yankee will be present  in the "Zumba Fitness Concert", one of the summits of the convention events where in addition to singing, he will share with those present the importance of exercise.

The convention was attended by personalities such as Shaquille O 'Neal, Lil Jon, Vanilla Ice, and the Rockettes.

"It was a fun experience to share with thousands of instructors who have recognized that my music has the energy and vitality to be part of a discipline as agile as Zumba. I thank you who have chosen "Lovumba" as the symbolic song of the convention and inviting me" said the artist who then departed for Washington, where he will perform on Sunday 12 at Ibiza Night Club.


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