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The American Red Cross Honors "Únete Al Movimiento" School Winner with a Visit From Daddy Yankee

May 17, 2013 at 7:55 AM ET - Nevarez PR

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Daddy Yankee Cruz Roja

The American Red Cross Chapter of Puerto Rico and urban music star Daddy Yankee made a special visit today to the students of the Adela Rolón Fuentes de Toa Alta school.


The visit was in recognition of the work done by young people to raise the most funds for the campaign "Join the Movement" (Únete al Movimiento).

"As promised we are here to recognize the efforts of students of the Adela Rolón Fuentes school who strove to become the winner of campaign. They joined the Movement and worked with the American Red Cross Chapter of Puerto Rico giving an example of what youth can do when they want" the Limbo composer said.


Furthermore Lee Vanessa Feliciano, executive director of the American Red Cross Chapter of Puerto Rico, said "Congratulations to the Youth Council and all children at Adela Rolón Fuentes school who worked together since the beginning of the campaign to receive this special visit today."

Adela Rolón Fuentes School of Toa Alta has more than 900 senior students. The Youth Council of the American Red Cross of the school, consisting of teachers and counselors Beny Grace Fuentes of Francisco Bello, led the fundraising efforts that resulted in a donation of $5,530.00 to benefit the organization.

During the activity, Daddy Yankee spoke about the importance of providing community service to contribute to the welfare of society and urged them to "continue supporting causes that contribute to Puerto Rico and as young people make a difference by putting your energy into helping others."

In addition, the event featured the participation of actor Arturo Gaskins of the National Circus who provided a profile of the founder of the International Red Cross, Henry Dunant. Gaskins narrated the efforts made by Henry Dunant in the creation of the International and the seven Fundamental Principles governing the Organization.

Daddy Yankee is part of a celebrity cabinet that supports and raises awareness for efforts carried out by the American Red Cross not only in Puerto Rico, but throughout the world. He has more than years involved as a member of this organization, which has contributed to the call for community in natural disasters like superstorm Sandy, and participated in telethons in the United States.

"Join The Movement" was participated in by more than 600 schools and colleges across Puerto Rico, through the sale of a commemorative bracelet that highlights the seven Fundamental Principles of the American Red Cross. The bracelets were sold for a donation of $2.00 each. "Join the Movement" is part of the initiatives carried out under the Youth Program of the Puerto Rico chapter. This program works on the creation of youth councils in order to develop qualities of leadership, citizenship and volunteerism among young people.


Los Consejos de Juventud de la Cruz Roja Americana se componen de jóvenes de 14 a 17 años y jóvenes adultos de 18 a 25 años estudiantes de escuelas y universidades. Escuelas y colegios interesados en crear un Consejo de Juventud, puede llamar al 787-758-8150 o visitar


Youth Councils of the American Red Cross are made up of young people aged 14 to 17, and young adults 18 to 25 years, both high school and university students. Schools and colleges interested in creating a Youth Council may call 787-758-8150 or visit


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