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Daddy Yankee Gives Fans a Sneak Peek Into Limbo

September 6, 2012 at 2:20 PM ET - / Nevarez PR


Daddy Yankee has filmed his newest music video in "El Centro Ceremonial Otomi" in the city of Temoaya, Mexico for his new single "Limbo", another undeniable hit off his upcoming album, "Prestige".

The video was directed by Jessy Terrero as part of the global phenomenon that will be "Prestige", with not only the quality of music but also it's videos. In this case, Limbo was filmed on location in natural environments such as exotic ruins, the jungle, and rain forests where DY is the commander staged in a sub-culture where men and women lose themselves in the Limbo.

As so, the director manages to combine the rhythm and lyrics of the song among living species that create a fantasy world around a habitat where Daddy Yankee emerges, accompanied by a corps of dancers and extras including beautiful models adding to the exotic setting.

"I wanted Limbo to invite the imagination, ignite creativity, to not be the same as always. Such the theme, as the video encourages each person to interpret the world as they see it and to create their own version of the dance. I believe we've made one of the best videos of my career." says the artist who already finds himself immersed in preparation for the release of his anticipated album "Prestige" on sale 9/11. Limbo will world premiere on Vevo on September 21st.

Watch the Behind the Scenes video or click here to watch on Youtube.



Daddy Yankee Limbo video


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