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Daddy Yankee Latin Grammy Nomination for Best Urban Song

September 26, 2012 at 5:20 AM ET - / Nevarez PR


Daddy Yankee Latin Grammy nomination

Daddy Yankee was welcomed today with the news that his hit song Lovumba was nominated for a prestigious Latin Grammy award in the catagory, Best Urban Song.


Lovumba was the second single released by the artist off his new album, "Prestige" which since it's release has positioned itself firmly on the top of the national and international radio charts.

This is the second song off "Prestige" to be nominated for a Latin Grammy. In 2011, the song "Ven Conmigo" ft. Prince Royce was nominated in the same category.

"Thank you to my peers in the industry for always showing their appreciation of my musical work. It is truly an honor to receive a nomination, for a second year in a row recognizing songs which belong to an album that had yet been released. Now with "Prestige" finally out, I can only hope the streak continues next year." says a humbled Daddy Yankee.

About Prestige

Daddy Yankee returned on 9/11 with a new album titled, "Prestige" marking this his 12th studio album of his musical career. "Prestige" is a collaborative album which includes the participation of various artists that form part of the urban genre, as well as pop singer Natalia Jimenez and bachata singer, Prince Royce.

"Prestige" is without a doubt one of the most complete albums in Yankee's career consisting of songs which are up-tempo, contagious, and lyrically deep, inviting people to think as well as have fun. An album that has already released 3 singles which quickly took over the top spots on the Billboard charts.

"Prestige", includes songs such as "Perros Salvajes", "Miss Show", "Pon T Loca", "Pasarela", "Po' Encima", "La Calle Moderna", "La Maquina de Baile", "Switchea", "Lovumba", "El Amante", "La Noche de los Dos", "Llegamos a la Disco", "Limbo", "After Party", "Baby", "Mas Que Un Amigo", y "Ven Conmigo".


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