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News Submission


We love getting fresh news about rappers, producers, artists, labels, and Hispanics in the film industry.  If you want your news on the LatinRapper website, follow these suggestions for the best results:

  • Email us a press release with something newsworthy (click here for tips on how to write a proper press release).

  • What's newsworthy?  That might include dropping a new single, new album, releasing a new video, appearing at a big event.

  • Sum up your press release in the first sentence or two (the who, what, where, when, and why).  Getting on LR isn't enough: make sure that you get readers hooked on your story from the jump.

  • The most important information goes at the start of your release.

  • The rest of your release provides facts about your topic (artist, label).

  • Avoid using adjectives.  Present facts without showing your personal opinion about the artist and his/her music. 

  • Provide your contact information (name, email, phone number, web).

These are just basic tips on sending news to LatinRapper.  To get your news in magazines or print media, consider hiring a music publicist, or visit our page on how to write a press release.



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