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Exclusive Debut of "Hablan de Nosotros Bandoleros"

August 12, 2012 at 6:15 AM ET - Team Agency


Bandoleros Jenny La Sexy Voz

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here! Jenny "La Sexy Voz" & Secreto "El! Famoso Biberon's" Hit "Hablan de Nosotros Bandoleros" the exclusive video debuts today.  After weeks of speculation when the video for the "Hablan de Nosotros Bandoleros" also known as "Bandoleros" would debut, Boy Wonder Chosen Few has announced today would be fitting.

The video, shot in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, was filmed in a 23-hour period with a crew of 20 people that worked around the clock to get all of the shots perfect. The video was directed by Griz Films of Public Entertainment, and co-directed by Ray Cuts.

The song “Bandoleros” features thumping beats, pumping drums and melodic guitar riffs which all make up the unique characteristic of the song while exuding bold lyrics that tell of a fabled Bonnie and Clyde relationship.

Manuel Alejandro Ruiz “Boy Wonder Chosen Few”, who envisioned and produced the concept for the video, was excited to shoot this intense video. Boy Wonder also makes several cameo appearances.

Chosen Few’s Jenny “La Sexy Voz”, who is known as the sexy voice of Reggeaton, adds her signature vocal styling to the red hot song. “Bandoleros” adds to her already-established repertoire of songs, including her debut single “Murio”, and her collaborative effort with Jowell y Randy “Perreame.”

Secreto, who has become a mega star in his native Dominican Republic and throughout the US and Europe with his uber hit “Papa Dios Me Dijo”, worked tirelessly on set to create a life like realness to his character. This is the first video Secreto has been involved in.

Famed NYC DJ Alex Sensation of “La Mega Mezcla”, who has been a huge supporter of the Latin Urban Movement out of the Dominican Republic for a number of years, makes a special guest appearance in the video.

“Bandoleros” also features a series of cameo appearances by celebrity drink of choice Nuvo sparkling vodka liqueur.

Jenny "La Sexy Voz" stated “The video was grueling, but I was up for the challenge, I wanted my fans to experience the song not only through the lyrics but visually as well.”


Watch the video below:



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