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Chino XL to Release "Poison Pen"
12/30/05 - news


Poison Pen CD

Hiphop legend Chino XL is slated to finally release his long-awaited “Poison Pen” album on January 31. The noteworthy, highly inspired, two-disc set has been in the works now for almost two years, during which time, Chino says he has sifted through offers that have been made to him by those including Dr. Dre at his Aftermath label, and from members of G-Unit.


Chino’s “Poison Pen” release is comprised of 18 tracks (including 2 bonus tracks), featuring special collaborations with Killah Priest (Wu Tang), the Beatnuts, Proof of Eminem’s group D-12, and other featured special guests.
The two-CD package is available in a Limited Edition Silver Metallic Foil Cover, enhanced with extras that include a music video and two hidden bonus tracks (including the dramatic buzz track “Nunca”), each one personally autographed with a silver ‘poison’ pen by Chino XL, himself. A special link is included in the album, wherein CD purchasers may insert their disc in their computer drive, upon which they will receive more extras that surround Chino’s sometimes controversial lyrics that are quite often the subject of discussion by hiphop fans. The second disc is a Special DJ MIX version of the album by L.A.’s Power 106 Mr. Choc, in which Chino also recounts stories behind the making of the tracks, and the soul searching he did when recording this introspective new album. “This is me at my most honest, most heartfelt and most uncompromising when it comes to what’s on my mind,” says Chino.

Despite the offers he has received from major labels, the New Jersey born Chino says he is proud to be free and independent, and that was a major consideration when releasing the album, which is being released by the Activate label. “Poison Pen” is a passionately made artistic statement from Chino, who says he refused to be subjected to any outside censorship or control by major label execs. “We gave Chino a budget, and let him do his thing,” says Jay Warsinske, Activate label head who is releasing the album worldwide. Warsinske adds, “Chino delivered an unfiltered, mindbending stream of consciousness statement built on strong songs and hooks.”

Comprised of all new songs from Chino, this dramatic, undiluted and daringly bold, essential album includes “Wordsmith,” “Beastin’” (featuring Killah Priest), which was produced by Carlos Bess, the soon-to-be-neo-classic “Even If It Kills Me” (about the perils of the rap lifestyle, produced by One Eye (Ice Cube, Ruff Ryders), “Don’t Fail Me Now” (featuring Psycho Les of the Beatnuts, Sin Gutta, produced by Byrd), “Can’t Change Me,” and the leadoff track, “All I Wanna Do…(Bout Nothin’). The limited edition signed collectors package is limited to the first run and will be available January 31, 2006.

Chino says, "I hope that in the New Year, hiphop will regain a certain amount of integrity in the current overly corporate state of affairs. Hopefully, we will be able to focus on the artistry again. The machine should not be larger than the architects who create the music."

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