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Chino & Nacho "Supremo Reloaded" Available Today in Stores and Digital Download

March 26, 2013 at 2:45 PM ET - / Nevarez PR


Chino y Nacho Supremo Reloaded

Chino & Nacho present "Supremo Reloaded", available today in stores and for digital download. The album includes the new single "Sin Ti", new songs and unreleased remixes of the hits from the album "Supremo" with which they dominated international radio and sales throughout the last two years.

"Supremo Reloaded" begins with "Sin Ti", the duo's latest single and a song that has quickly become a fan favorite and one of International radio's most requested tracks.


In addition, the album includes three unreleased remixes, amongst them the remix to "Bebe Bonita" Feat. Jay Sean, a song that reached the #1 position on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs Chart, "Regálame Un Muack" with El Potro Alvarez which took the #1 on the Tropical Chart and the club mix for "El Poeta", the international hit that dominated radio reaching #1 not only in the United States and Puerto Rico but also Venezuela and Colombia.

The album also includes "Don Juan" a collaboration with Fanny Lu which currently is spinning throughout Latin America and two completely new studio tracks,, "Mi Mejor Canción" and "No He Podido Verte", songs that capture the magic of the fusion of tropical, urban and pop rhythms that have made Chino & Nacho idols of the Latin music scene.

Supremo Reloaded tracklisting:

1. Sin Ti
2. Mi Mejor Cancion
3. No He Podido Verte
4. Don Juan (Feat. Fanny Lu)
5. Regálame Un Muack Remix (Feat. El Potro Alvarez)
6. El Poeta (Club Mix)
7. Bebe Bonita (Brass Knuckles Remix) Feat. Jay Sean

Click Here to purchase Supremo Reloaded on iTunes.


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