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Calle 13 Biography:


Calle 13 is a duo consisting of Residente and Visitante. The group received critical acclaim in 2005 with several hits in Puerto Rico, including "Se Vale To' To'" and "Querido FBI". Teaming up with fellow Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Julio Voltio, the duo recorded "Chulin Culin Cunfly" and garnered numerous radio spins.

Residente was born René Pérez on February 23, 1978 in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, he is considered the lead singer in the group, and holds an art degree and a graduate degree in cinema. His rhyme partner Visitante was born Eduardo Cabra on September 10th, 1978 in Santurce, Puerto Rico, a singer and piano player. Their name comes from the street they grew up on in Trujillo Alto.

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