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Calle 13 Return with "Tango del Pecado"
3/21/07 - news / Voy press release

“Tango del pecado” Finds The Innovative Latin Urban-Alternative Duo Team With Two-Time Oscar Winning Producer Gustavo Santalolla & His Bajafondo Tango Club Collective For A Dark/Satiric Look At Morality vs. Immorality In Forbidden Love.

As One Of The Most Visually Inventive Groups In Latin Music, Video Channels Are Rushing To Once Again Support CALLE 13’s New Single/Video, As MTV Tr3s Has Named The Duo “Artist of the Month” For March (Including A MiTRL Broadcast on March 5 & “Calle 13 Weekend” March 24-25), While Mun2 Will Premiere “Day In, Day Out With Calle 13” on March 3.

CALLE 13 were Latin music’s unquestioned breakout stars of 2006, unleashing a lyrically satiric and visually inventive new urban-alternative fusion of funk, hip-hop, reggaeton, rock, salsa (and so much more), that catapulted the irreverent pair of half-brothers to great critical praise, constant Latin video rotation, and a Triple-LATIN GRAMMY winning culmination that saw “Residente” and “Visitante” walk off with the awards for “Best New Artist,” “Best Urban Artist,” and “Best Music Video.”

Now, Calle 13 returns and is prepared to push the envelope of “Latin music” even further. In advance of the planned April 24th release of eagerly-awaited second album Residente o Visitante, CALLE 13 has unveiled first single “Tango del pecado” (“Tango of Sin”). With CALLE 13 collaborating with double-Oscar and multiple Grammy winning producer Gustavo Santaolalla and his Bajafondo Tango Club collective, the track fuses elements of reggaeton with Argentine tango for a dark look at a forbidden romance. With Residente citing the Rubén Blades classic ‘Ligia Elena’ as an influence, where an affluent girl falls for a poor musician – despite the scorn of her family, the song is a satire on “the fine line between what is moral and immoral in a love no one approves of.” In keeping with Calle 13’s tradition of inventive video’s inspired by their art/film school background, the video clip for “Tango del pecado” (with the duo once again working with directors Gabriel Coss and Israel Lugo) tells “the story of a catastrophe,” at the wedding between a coarse artist (Residente) and an elegant beauty, known as the Queen of the Universe (Residente’s real-life girlfriend: former Miss Universe Denise Quiñones) in what turns out to be a Latin American spoof of a “Romeo and Juliet” love story. Look closely at the wedding party for cameos from reggaeton stars Tego Calderón and Julio Voltio.

Of course, multiple Latin video outlets are rushing to support “Tango del pecado,” as MTV Tr3s has named CALLE 13 as “Artist of the Month” for March (including A MiTRL broadcast on March 5 & “Calle 13 Weekend” March 24-25), while Mun2 will premiere “Day In, Day Out With Calle 13” on March 3.



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