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SXSW Sounds From Spain Live Showcases March 18th & 20th – Austin, TX

March 8, 2015 at 4:42 PM ET [Digital Girl] – Sounds from Spain at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas: Live performances by Macaco, Rulo y La Contrabanda, Disco Las Palmeras, beGun, Hinds and Oso Leone.

Wednesday, March 18th Spanish Day Party
Brush Square Park 11am-3pm

Friday, March 20th Sounds From Spain Showcase
Lucille Patio Bar 8pm-1:45am
77 Rainey Street Austin, TX


Macaco is one of Spain’s most prestigious artists in Spain and Latin America. With a 15 year career, Macaco is an artist of unique sounds, blending reggae, rhumba, and other styles mixed with a special groove accompanied by his unique voice. He is an important social activist committed to environmental causes, and this is reflected in throughout his repertoire. He has participated in Vive Latino (Mexico), Rock in Rio in Rio de Janeiro and many European festivals. http://www.macaco.es/

New Album: Historias Tattooadas out 3/24 Sony US Latin


Rulo is Raul Gutierrez and his band is a group of great musicians. With them he has recorded albums like “Smoke Signals” and “Endangered Species”. His music and lyrics reveal a new face of urban poetry. His songs reach the audience and they never stop to amaze new fans. Previously Rulo recorded six albums as the singer of the band La Fuga. Recently he has been appointed “Ambassador” of Cantabria (Spanish northern region). In 2015, Rulo will tour Spain, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. http://www.ruloylacontrabanda.com/


The band Disco Las Palmeras is originally from Galicia. They are currently recording their third album. They have participated in several festivals in Spain and Portugal, such as Primavera Sound, Milhões Festa, and Festival do Norte. Additionally, they have toured all over Spain and Portugal. Nowadays, Disco Las Palmeras is considered of the best bands on the national scene and is having a remarkable impact on radio and music media. http://discolaspalmeras.bandcamp.com/

New album: Asfixia available March 24th, 2015


beGun is considered one of the future stars of the electronic music scene. beGun creates a very unique and experimental contemporary electronic sound. He has two EPs under his belt, plus several singles and collaborative works with national and international bands. He has participated in national and international festivals and has received excellent reviews from music critics. http://begun.bandcamp.com/


HINDS’ (formerly known as Deers) path has been meteoric. Their professional career started in April 2014. With only two singles released, licensed to British and American record labels, they have already done two tours in Europe and sold out every single concert in London. This year they will be touring in Australia and North America, and they will be recording their debut album. http://hinds.bandcamp.com/


This Majorcan band has broken boundaries with ease in recent months thanks to “Mokragora”, his most recent work, a record that is fresh and full of sensitivity that has led them to play at festivals like Eurosonic (Groeningen, Netherlands), Les Transmusicales Sound (Rennes, France) or Where the Wild Things Are (Zeewolde , Netherlands). They also performed as musical guests of the band Placebo in Barcelona, Porto and Lisbon. For this occasion, the band goes to Austin to perform at SXSW to continue pushing the envelope and to break into the American music scene. http://osoleone.bandcamp.com/

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Sounds from Spain SXSW 2015 Austin Texas