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Video – Devin Hester Johnny Knox Punt Return Trick Play

Dave Toub will probably have to stick this return play in his drawer for a long time before he can break it out again. It’s out now for the whole league to see.

The Bears had a masterfully designed return late in the fourth quarter when they trailed the Packers 27-17. It unfolded just the way they wanted with Packers punter Tim Masthay kicking to the left. Devin Hester was lined up deep and Johnny Knox was on the field to jam one of the Packers’ gunners, Jarrett Bush. At the last moment, Knox bailed and raced downfield to the exact side Masthay was punting.

With the Packers’ coverage team zeroed in on Hester, they followed him as he faked to be fielding the ball and the Bears set up to return around him. It left Knox with 89 yards and two blockers ahead of him.

It was an easy touchdown with 51 seconds left and would have set up an onside kick attempt. But it was nullified by a holding penalty on Corey Graham. Graham was stunned.

“It’s unfortunate that something we worked so hard on would be called back because of a play by me,” he said. “It was maybe 30, 40 yards away from the play. It wasn’t blatant but it was just a bad play by me. I should have just let him go, just don’t even touch him. He had nothing to do with the play.

“I’ve been watching the NFL for a long time, (and) that was the best play I’ve ever seen,” wide receiver Greg Jennings said. “That was not a fluke. That was not by luck. That was by design.”

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Johnny Knox Devin Hester punt return trick play